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College for Creative Studies

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College for Creative Studies

is anyone here familiar with the College for Creative Studies (Detroit) animation program?

because i got accepted and i think i might turn in their direction because they're the cheapest of my acceptances besides my local state school.

and i'm thinking about studying animation there (not just playing around anymore) because its a secret life dream to learn it, plus i could finnally choose a major that would mix all my art passions together in the stopmotion aspect of the program.

so if anybody can tell me ANYTHING, it would really be appreciated.

gotta let colleges know by may first you know ^__^


I had a cousin who went there. I'm not sure of his exact track, because we haven't always stayed in perfect touch, but he was more of a well-rounded artist from the get anyway. He did a lot of figures...comic drawing, etc. He enjoyed his stay but I think he was trying to communicate to me that it wasn't a first choice, or that there were loftier establishments he would've been more psyched to go to. But he never talked about any huge problems and he did pull out bits about specific things he enjoyed.

You're going to hear a lot on this board about not allowing money to affect your school decisions (especially as it pertains to animation), and I will agree. If there's some place you'd -rather be- but money is making you go to the Motor City school, stick to your guns. On the other hand, if you do decide you're leaning toward them, give a full evaluation into how concentrated and how deep/far back their studies in relevant animation education go. Also look for student work to see how effective, on a general scale, their instruction is. What can they do for you, and what can you do for yourself?