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to sell my product

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to sell my product

Can anybody help me to know the following information? We are working on some 2D and 3D episode products.

What is the salable amount for an average quality 2D and 3D animation episode serial?

I want to know the least rate and as well as best rate per episode for both 2D and 3D?

We are in a process of completing few episodes, we are looking for presale, and we would like to sell it to Cartoon network, Animax, pogo or any other animation channels. We are looking for Asian and western market rates. I am unaware of ….

How to contact these channels?
What is the commercial I can get for single episode…average?
Is there any agencies, who dose distribution for these channels?

If any other information which you feel might be information…please let me know.

Rates and Contacts

If did you getting the information about the rates and how contact the VIPeople of Cartoon Network and others, please send me this information.


Regards, MSMedina
Anim Studio Panama/MSMH
Classical Animation - Illustration - Graphic & Web Design