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Newbie Voice Actress Voice Clip / Seeking Advice

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Newbie Voice Actress Voice Clip / Seeking Advice

OK, I just found my way to this mindboggling website and would like to ask if voice actors listed in the resume directory actually have gotten acting work that way. It seems like a massive list and I wondered how many people do search it for actors?

This is probably the wrong place to post this, but I'm still trying to navigate here.

I'm an actress who is one year into a two-year Meisner Technique (acting) program in Manhattan. I've never done any voice-acting work before, but I have access to a friend with a home recording studio 20 minutes away (not free access, however) and am not far from New York City. I also have just bought a good quality mic for my computer and can now record .wav files with GoldWave.

I want to post a voice sample I did with my old mic in "Sound Recorder" that I had submitted for a machinima series audition on the Red vs. Blue web forums. The first part is my natural speaking voice, the second is a purposely annoying little girl-y voice, and the third is a Brooklyn/Long Island dialect (yeah, I really did go to school on L.I. but didn't REALLY leave with an accent that thick).

For voice sample ---> CLICK HERE

Feedback about the clip itself, more appropriate place(s) to post the link, or about voice acting work would be most appreciated. Feel free to post here or email me.


Michele Anders

I'm not a voice actor. For what it's worth:

But I would say you have a nice speaking voice and a lovely resonance.
Your upstate NY voice and little girl voice were very good in that in that they were very distinct from your natural voice and were in your range; they were neither grating or nasally, which I hear alot as a viewer.

The only thing, of course you know, is the recording quality. There are some guys ; abvox and Geoff Edwards, for two, who could probably give you advice on your demo etc...

Oh yes...being an actor helps. I assume if you study acting you've studied's all part and parcel, I'd say.

Hi New3nglandAutumn,

I like your limited demo. I suggest that you work on a demo with more examples of voices and dialects that you can do; ten of twelve seconds of each example. 60 to 90 seconds maximum. Also watch your microphone technique there are a couple of "popped" 'Ps'

I have gone way over board with my web site. Some people have pretty simple sites and I am sure get work.

Good luck!

"The dog is Cerberus, the girl Zoe, I'm Dirge"

A Xombie movie! Huzzah!

Oh, and I like the New Yorker. Far more natural than the other voice. The little girl voice sounds like when you're mocking someone while retelling a story, eg "So then this little girl came up to me and was like 'GIVE ME CANDY'"

It's not bad just less immersive.

Thanks for the feedback.

Yeah, that clip was in response to their asking for (a) my natural voice, (b) an annoying cartoon-like voice, and (c) a voice/dialect of my choice.

I'll probably attempt another one after we work on dialects in class. I know we'll be working an Appalachian dialect at that point.

I've since bought a better computer mic and started playing around with the GoldWave program, but haven't done much with it yet.

I noticed a very large database of companies on this site. Once a voice actor has a decent demo done, which category/categories of companies would I want to approach? I'm not really certain who does what in the scheme of making animated features.

Thanks again for taking the time to listen.


Hello New3nglandAutumn, there is a website where you can add you resume and demos... go to browse the site and try to use their services... good luck!