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summer courses

Hi everyone !
My name's Carlos, i live in Monterrey MEX, and i'm 19 years old...currently studying to become a lawyer.
All my life i've had 2 draw and to have a good talk/argument, and when the time came for me to choose a career, i naturally chose lawyer because first, here in Mexico there is no market for animation and second because it's probably much more i'm ending my second semester.
While i can say i like my career and probably going be happy with it if i continue through this path , i just can't take out of my mind the "what if i studied animation" and i decided to try it out, before i keep wasting time and money on something i am not 100% sure of.

I'm looking for summer course in 2d animation, and a good place for me to see if animation is my vocation or just a hobbie i'm very passionate about.

I'm pretty good at drawing, though i've kinda lost and edge because i haven't had time to practice as much (to much reading and hws!!).
My style at first was disney-like, but as I grew I've adquiered an obvious anime influence, and as a matter of fact i'm a very hard-core anime fan, (though it's kinda secret from the rest of the society here hehe, they only know i enjoy drawing hot ladies)...

well continuing with my questions, which university in the US, Canada or Japan would you recommend for a summer course??

thanks to all of you for hearing my story :)

Hi Carlos

Why dont you check out VanArts? Its not a university but I think they have a program that you are looking for. A one month intensive program in 2d animation.

Check it out
Intensive 2D animation at VanArts

Hope this helps.

thanks everyone for your support !!
i'll check it out, thanks


I wish I could help but at Ringling we just offer a program for high schoolers. It's a month of living on campus getting a feel of what being an art student might feel like. There is a 3D workshop but that is about it and the rest is your traditional art education classes.


Department of Computer Animation
Ringling College of Art and Design
Sarasota Florida