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monologue acting test

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monologue acting test

Hey everyone, I'm working on another monologue acting clip with a new character. I'd love it if you guys and gals can take a look at it and give me some feedback!




I rendered out the scene. If anyone's still interested, check it out



That's fantastic. There might be people that come after me that pull it apart for principles stuff, but in the end it works regardless of what you did to make it; the end result is very appealing (to me at least).

It's as subtle as I hoped it would be, and ten times the pre-render in terms of acting quality. I hope yours wins...even the nuances in the eyes, one at a time for "...she isn't..."

Nice work...

Thanks for the compliment, ScatteredLogic. I'm really glad you liked it!

Masterfully subtle if going for realism; needs more posing punch if it's a cartoon... I didn't have the audio on, though, and I was blurring my eyes to abstract it into simplest form. I can tell what he's doing. That's always positive =)

Here's a small update. I'm going to try and render this out tonight, unless anyone has some feedback.

thanks ScatteredLogical for checking it out. Masterfully subtle is good... I'll pick the "going for realism" option since it means less work for me :) I have been looking at it, though, and realized that all the motions are pretty much the same throughout all of the animation I've done. I'm gonna try to break up the pattern and go for a snappier cartoony style next time to see if I could do it.

Also, just for kicks, here's a sample of the render so far. I still have to add the background.