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2d animation software

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2d animation software

hello i am in dire need of new , affordable animation software,so far i uave been using "paint" to make my images.... all i want to make is 2d animations, nothing extremly complex,

anyone no where i can find affordable types of animation software like this

thank u

please respond:(

-15 year old aspiring animator

It really depends on what you mean by affordable, but I'd recommend Flash from Macromedia. The academic version is $99 for the standard verions, and $160 for Pro.

It's pretty much the defacto standard for online animation content and is gaining inroads in broadcast. I just used Flash to do an entire season of animation for Vh1.

"affordable" is a relative term.

However I think if you look up

Flash MX
Toonboom Studio
Digicel Flipbook

those should be at consumer level prices. I believe flipbook offers a student price as well.

Check this one out, 16 color, I use it all the time, I think it's awesome :D

digiCel Flipbook

Flip book sounds like your best bet. Flash is Powerful yet is hard to use, takes allot of training, Flipbook is simple and is made just for 2d animation, here is a link with full discription DigiCel FlipBook

Flipbook is a very good package.


Flipbook is a very good package! It is affordable and high quality and is sooooooooo simple to use.

Check it out at

Don't forget to view the sections with samples from various studios including Don Bluth.

I have a full package and I love it.



i really aappreciate all of your guys help..... i will check out these programs