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Iger New Disney CEO

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Iger New Disney CEO

As of fall 2005, Robert Iger will replace Michael Eisner as CEO at Disney. Eisner is said to not stay as a board member.'s newsletter titled the news: Wicked Witch Melted, Winged Monkey Takes Over.

First reactions from the pros and semi-pros of this board:

September 30 to be exact. start counting down.:D he's also negotiating with Pixar to revive their deal.:rolleyes:

Let's just hope we don't get another bad apple guys,so cross your fingers.

What would scooby do?

it doesn't change anything.

This was the safest, least dramatic succession the board could make. There's no way in hades they would hire someone that would "rock the boat". This is status quo with better hair, that's all. Don't expect a rush to return to traditional animation, don't expect any of the top heavy executive fat to be trimmed. Iger is a cooler guy for sure, but remember; he did greenlight Cop Rock. His decision making can't be that impressive or visionary.

And I think it's WAY to early to even speculate at the Pixar gambit. Jobs' problem was just with Eisner, but with Disney's whole political landscape and that's not changing at all. We'll have to see how this really plays out.

I don't expect anything to change very much. Iger is basicly one of Eisner's pals, so I don't see Eisner's influence leaving Disney anytime soon. Plus he's still on the Board, and I don't believe he'll leave that. Pluss, I believe he's still the majority stock holder, but I could be wrong about that. They should have recuited from outside the company if they truely wanted a change, but the board doesn't want that, they just want "Eisner lite."

Oh well, it just leaves the door open for all the independant studios cropping up to do something wonderful. If I had $100 million now would be the time to set up a studio and make a really awesome animated feature since you could have your pick of all the A List artists out there.

the Ape

...we must all face a choice, between what is right... and what is easy."

More ofthe same


I agree with other folks- at the moment - it looks like more of the same. There needs to be a shareholders revolt in 2006...or else there will more of the same.

The damage down to the company is sad. So many great management folks have left and the Mouse House no longer has the appeal it once had for other possible candidiates.

Pixar gone, Miramax gone - that's hundreds of millions, maybe billions of dollars...huge losses.

Check out some of the articles at: ...very sobbering.

I hope Roy and Stanley keep up the good fight.


I really think that if Disney turns back to more traditional animation and really starts cranking out some old school 2d-sing along type features with awesome stories, it can bring that magic back!

I have always view the musical animation, from Disney, as their weakest work. It really bugs me when the character stops the action just to sing a song.

That is the style of a musical, however today it is considered corny because it has gotten so cliche. It was very popular back in the day though, with the most popular movies at the time being adoptions of plays like 'The Sound of Music' or 'Fiddler on the Roof'. Movies were written with stage in mind. Disney had just decided to keep the musical going because it became almost the Disney style to be more musical. However, music is being replaced in importance by drama now a days. Therefore many people used to modern media tend to reject the musical style because it tends to break the drama. This is why comedies tend to use that style more often, because the break in drama becomes more humorous

Lindsey Keess

Not Happy

Interesting. I, too, agree that they didn't make much of an effort to look for a new candidate and eventually opted for a stooge to foster a kind of 'at least it's not Eisner' sentiment. That board of directors sure needs one thing and that thing is more antagonism.

Looks like they came to a (temporary) agreement in the case Disney vs. Disney Corp. A SaveDisney newsletter containing the following text reached me today.

BURBANK, Calif. (July 8, 2005) -- The Walt Disney Company, Roy E. Disney and Stanley P. Gold announced today that they have agreed to put aside the differences that have characterized their relationship over the past several years. Messrs. Disney and Gold have agreed not to run a rival slate of directors or submit shareholder resolutions for the next five years. Messrs. Disney and Gold have also agreed to dismiss all their pending lawsuits against the Company. In reestablishing ties with him and his family, the Company has named Roy E. Disney Director Emeritus and a consultant. The Company also reaffirmed its commitment to the rotation of committee members and chairpersons on its Board committees as currently required by the Company's Corporate Governance Guidelines. In putting aside their differences, the Company noted Mr. Disney's long time devotion to the Company and welcomed the reestablishment of a relationship with him and his family. Messrs. Disney and Gold expressed confidence in Mr. Iger's leadership, and as Mr. Eisner retires after 21 years with the Company, they acknowledged his contribution to the Company over the years.

Seems to me like as effective a change as replacing Eisner with Iger. Thoughts?

I think that Roy and Stanley wouldn't have made this deal if they didn't think it was in the company's best interest. They had no reason to give in, so there are probably some unannouced details that work in their favor.

I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and see what happens. Can't be any worse than what's gone on over the last couple of years.


I really think that Disneys escape from 2d animation is really going to kill them. Regardless of who is running the company. 3d animation to me is still very stale and lacks the 'life' that exists from hand drawn animation. Yes computer animation is profitable right now, but only because it is fresh and new. In a few years however it's going to be all over the place and when the monotony sets in people will grow weary of it and have a desire to see more traditionaly animated content.

It really goes to show how far Disney has fallen from the dreams of Walt onto the corperate money machine it is today. It really lacks the 'vision' that Walt Disney had, he was able to create a work of art AND make a profit from it.

Lindsey Keess

I agree that the whole 3d world would probably kill them over the years. I'm still a big fan of traditional animation as with most of you. I was hooked, with everyone else, on the 2d animation motion features. They had really powerful stoires and really put you into a very world out of reality. Lk is right that Disney had a dream and a goal for Disney that is unlike the ideas and plans of the money minded CEO's.

Yes 3d is big right now with the technology these days, however I believe that men running the show are using that as an easier way out. I really think that if Disney turns back to more traditional animation and really starts cranking out some old school 2d-sing along type features with awesome stories, it can bring that magic back!

I'm only 21 and I know most of you are much more experienced that I am and know alot more about the political aspects so forgive me if I seem naive.

Guess what?... I've got a fever... and the only prescription... is more cowbell.