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How much do YOU draw?

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How much do YOU draw?

Just wondering how much you draw a day.

What kind of drawing do you do?
Life/observation, cartoon, doodles, sketch, random, environment.

What medium?
Pencil, Pen, Biro, Charcoal, Ink, Colour, Paint.

And finally, what is your main field?

2D, Illustration, 3D, Fine Art, Experimental, Stop-motion, Flash/Web.

Are you a student studying or professional in industry?

Just trying to get an idea of how much drawing people do, how regular, and maybe how much more I should do!

Adam :)

I draw cartoons in my spare time at least once a week, using strictly the paper and pencil process. It's basically 2-D experimental illustrations. Visually, they're usually a cross between caricatures and real life, like Disney. ;)

Sometimes, I might try working on a definite story, using both the visual and scriptual processes. Other times, I just doodle random things, and over time, some develop into stories. Alot of these stories are really just abstract concepts that even I'M still trying to make sense of. :o

Every once in a rare while, I try drawing landscapes in order to embark upon my real life and perspective skills.

I probably don't draw as often as I should. There are still several stories that I'm dying to finish, and many other creative concepts that are begging to be started. :)

I doodle everytime when there is a pen or pencil and piece of paper around me. It's something I can't control. That's why being animator is my only way to look sane.
I also take life drawing classes once a week.
Pencil is my favorite, but I also like thin "pilot" pens and black markers.

Edik Mitgartz,
Animator and Character Designer

My showreel:

I draw a lot. I'm usually drawing for hours upon hours at work. Then i'll go home and draw and work on ideas while I'm at home. I have a studio for when I need to work on stuff seriously, but I made myself a little makeshift animation set up for my living room so I can draw while watching T.V. I know it's not very productive but when i have an idea I can just whip it out and dump my brain. then when it comes time for me to be productive I'll lock myself in my studio. I also try to hit one or two life drawing classes a week. I found myself slacking on my drawing skills so I force myself to return. I like Shamus Culhane's idea of locking yourself into a quiet place for an hour and drawing drawing drawing. An hour a day of intense drawing will greatly improve your speed and draftsmanship. amazing athletes work out hours every day, I look at drawing as my art workout. Which is funny because after a real workout (specifically my arms) drawing can be rough lol.

I do, what I like to call :D, two levels of drawing... I doodle a lot during the day especially when I have to wait for the animation tests to render, files to load or when the network just stops working. In those drawings I tend to use a very thin, light biro and tombo pens.
At night, after work as a reaction to being stuck to a computer all day long, I tend draw a lot with coloured pencils and paint them with watercolours.
My work drawing usually result from what I'm thinking or feeling at the moment, whilst my after work ones are usually dedicated to a personal drawing... Let's just say that at home I have a lot of drawings with little girls, Persian cats and chihuahuas!
By the way, as an answer to the last question, I'm a 3d character animator working in a feature film.

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Every Chance I get


I draw every chance I get...

I never leave my house without a sketchbook or some kind. That's the attitude you have to take to get better.

Coffee houses are my favorite places to draw. I get my cup of decaf (unless I want a Bleichman look) and just sit for hours and sketch people or work on characters. Most of my Ty B. Bear book was draw at coffee houses. Even part of the film I am now working on was animated at a coffee house. I just brought in my disc and a portable light table and set up in a corner.

Many times my wife will come along...I an sketch and hold a lively conversation. Of course, I find my wife a very wonderful distraction...but it works.

The implements I use to draw are col-erase pencils, prismacolor pencils, fiber pen and even a ball point pen on napkins.

I have over the years given away hundreds of drawings to coffee house staff and friends who happen by while I'm there.

I am an animator - 30 years - this year. This is my 4th year where I teach at SCAD and work on projects (animated or ecuational) through my company.


Great insights guys!

Well, I myself am trying to draw ALOT more. Realistic drawing I mean.

I've been told by my animation tutors that my cartooning and animation/line-of-action drawings are strong, but my realistic/quick life sketches need work.

It's really hard to do, becuase I know what I want it to look like, and yet it turns out wrong and sometimes I don't know why! Can get really frustrated as i have loads of ideas I want to draw, and can see them in my head, just they don't always translate to paper aswell.

So there's my internal struggle! lol :)


I go through spurts. Sometimes I don't draw for weeks on end, but then some times I can't stop. I'm trying to train myself to at least fill up two pages of my sketchbook every day, but I find it kind of hard to even do that sometimes. When I do draw, I just use what I can find, which turns out to be either a soft pencil or a Uniball pen most of the time. I really like the crisp, smooth lines you can get from a high quality ballpoint pen like Uniball.

A lot of what I draw when I feel like drawing are either doodles or rough preparatory sketches for some kind of design. I rarely venture into the fine art category, and sadly I rarely get a chance to draw from life. I'm a person that has to assign a time to draw in order to get any quality life drawing done. I should carry my sketchbook around with me wherever I go, but I find it cumbersome. Booooo....

I'm just a student, so I should really develop a routine to improve my drawing.


Some really interesting stuff going on here guys! I'm starting to see a bit of a trend. If you look at peoples style of drawing and what they do best, then how much they draw and under what situation, you tend to find the more 'creative' artists are the ones who draw the most (duh!) but in situtations where drawing is a form of escapism from their task at hand, even if it's different drawing to what they normally do. (e.g: doodles of their own cartoon character against life or observation drawing)

Just a thought.

Adam ;)

Not enough.

I'm not an animator by trade but a wanna be.
I still can't come up with something decent looking just thinking about it out of my head.
I looked at a real picture of a rabbit the other day and tried to cartoonify it.
It came out ok.

I've been drawing more and more lately, and it gets better in obvious ways. I believe there is a lot of subconscious learning in art that goes unnoticed until it goes noticed -- so to speak =)

I hadn't done characters for quite some time, and unlike basketball when I went back to it I hadn't unlearned all my talents...I picked up where I left off and then some, just from accumulating knowledge in the meantime that showed up in my work!

I draw during faculty meetings. Or I did until our principle acutally made us do work (that's worthwhile and meaningful) during them. Sometimes I draw while the kids in my class are working, but that's been happenning less and less. Maybe I'm teaching better.

I've been drawing even less lately as I'm learning 3D and pushing my characters in that direction. They weren't so happy about it at first, but they found the bikes are faster in 3D.

This morning I grabbed a pencil to start working up a piece another biker asked me to do. I was pretty thrilled to find out it came right back to me. I'm not that great, really, but I feel good about what I can do on a piece of paper, and how I can make it look when I'm through. I also notice that good drawing really helps me with the 3D work, and that the 3D sorta helps me out with the drawing.

Cartoon Thunder
There's a little biker in all of us...

I draw more than I appreciate yet still not enough.

I try to do a minimum of one self potrait a day atm before animating or drawing. Usualy I do a few before starting on somthing. But i've seen some people who do a whole bunch everyday without fail :/ (not sure how they manage it realy). Apart from that just regular life drawing classes and studdies from life/research.

As im currently in school thats where i do most of my drawings.its also usually in classes i get bored in that i do most of my maths copy is full of drawings done in biro.But i try and do some sketching at home iswell which is always in pencil.

I tend to draw every day. Down time in school is where I draw the most, just sketching out cartoon characters or little landscape doodles. I use pencil and sketchbook while in school, but I use pens and sometimes colored pencils whenever I get a chance at home.

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its hard to sometimes sit down and gets things done, specially when you've got a block in your mind. Then its best to concentrate on different things altogether. You should try other things too within animation as its not always about pencil and paper. Try modelling with clay for stop animation, and moulding things into a shape in 3D helps you get a better sense of a character or an idea.

I try as many different things as i can, when i can, which isn't as often as i'd like. But when you do these things your experience and your portfolio will shine a lot more!!


Sometimes I draw while the kids in my class are working,

What age are these kids?
Tell them that drawing them or a caricture (SP?) would cost money if done by some one else.
Tell this at the faculty meeting too.

Not enough... ;)

I tend to draw different things as the inspiration hits me. The medium I use varies; I like to play with different things. I like to change it up as much as oftern. As far as how often I draw, I try to draw everyday; throughout the day while I'm at work and in the evenings when I get home... though sometimes life happens and I'm not able to draw as much as I'd like...