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Soundtrack Question

I collect soundtracks and wish to enlarge my collection. Now, the music that has recently caught my attention is the one in the trailer to A Series Of Unfortunate Events. (You can see the trailer here:

However, after listening to the 30-second sounbits of the OST CD at Barnes & Nobles, I have my doubts the music from the trailer is actually part of what was written for the movie. Could anybody tell me whether the trailer's music is part of the original soundtrack, or if not, which movie the trailer's music was really taken from?


I've had similar questions in the past about music from trailers or commercials. I've seen the Series of Unfortunate Events trailer (well, there are many, but the music is pretty similar in all of them), and I think the music is either from Edward Scissorhands, or Home Alone (I think it's more likely Edward Scissorhands). If you really want a correct answer, go to and post in their forums. It's amazing how much these people know about commercial music. They've always given me correct answers for even the most obscure commercials I've seen.


I've noticed that trailers frequently have music lifted from other productions. Usually it's because the score isn't complete when the trailer needs to be in theaters. I can't tell you how many times I've heard music from "The Rocketeer" in a trailer for another movie.

The first music in the trailer was used in 'Erin Brockovich' and sampled in 'Finding Nemo'; but you'll find it on the OST of 'Pay it Forward'. The track is called 'possibility'.
The upbeat part later on in the trailer is from Addams Family Values.

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Excellent, Dave! Many thanks!
Thanks to you too, Moot, I'll certainly visit adtunes; it happens from time to time I need snippets of music identified.
The bit playing when the Baudelaire orphans are described does sound like it's from the original soundtrack. Ah, decisions. But I think Addams Family it's going to be.

I'm not guessing bro' ;)

Scroll down this page and you'll find a sample of the piece that is playing when the Baudelaire kids are described.

I couldn't find the actual track for the later piece, but if you scroll down this page and listen to the sample of 'Wednesdays Revolt' you can clearly recognise the exact same theme.


I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy [i]-Tom Waits

Not doubting you at all! As soon as I read which movie the track was most likely from, I went to to investigate. You're 100%ly correct.
'Possibility' sounds a lot like what Newman wrote for ASouE, though. Anyway, I'm getting the Addams Family OST. Thanks again!