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music video help ?

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music video help ?


I am looking for someone who would be interested in creating a promotional animated music video for a very catchy club and radio friendly Electro pop track being released on my new independant label. Ideally this would suit someone starting out who wants to get there work promoted by the label and who would really enjoy working in this field. Unfortunately being the labels first release funding is a bit scarce to say the least ! but if you have an idea or can put me in the right direction I want to hear from you :O) (Perhaps for example you are able to create 'computer game' style characters and could have them work in a music video ?) The video can be kept simple but needs to be eye catching at the same time so it can be used to give to distributers promoting the artist also.

It would be a bonus if we were able to use graphics/drawings as part of the CD singe design cover ! ( more promotion )

The vinyl and CD singles are being pressed in March. The video would also be part of a DVD/CDOM package to launch artist.

If you are interested and think you could help please e-mail Spencer at and I will give you the link to the track.

Thanks for reading !