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Have you produced a kick ass animated flash short that grabs the eye?

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Have you produced a kick ass animated flash short that grabs the eye?

We are looking to buy/acquire interesting shorts made in flash.

Do you know of animators, designers who have created original, humorous or eye catching flash shorts for their own personal growth or training or for their portfolios and are now looking for the opportunity and a platform to have these kick ass shorts aired or published for millions and millions of toon and animation enthusiasts to see?

Well - Here is an opportunity of a life time - You get to submit your short film for review, if we like it and select it, you get paid and your name appears in the credits with the likelyhood that it will fly across the globe with international exposure.

Interested? Start sending in your entries today!

File Size: Not to exceed 2.5 to 3 MB but we prefer lighter files of 800kb - 1mb
File specs: Not a constraint as it can be resized as long as the original .fla file is available. But the standard is 550X400
Format: Only .fla / swf's files
Duration: Not to exceed 2 minutes ( Ideally around 45 seconds to a Minute long )
Genre: Humor, Character animation, imaginative or General but Internationally appealing and universal concepts, characters etc.

You can contact us at

We need this asap - So the sooner you get in touch with us the better.

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Happy Trails!!