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Searching World's Best CG schools

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Searching World's Best CG schools

Hello Everybody,I am a Digital Artist striving to breakin CG industry...Exploring the World's Top Animation schools to study high-end CG. Please suggest me the Top 5 in Visual-effects & 3D Gaming-each,to choose from. I am also concerned about the job oppurtunities for international students, after graduating from these...That's my Major concern..!! So please help me with your valuable comments soon...Thanks, Mohit Jain. :confused:

I'll give it to you from the horses mouth. This is a page posted at Pixar's (Toy Story, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles) site, listing recommended schools that teach Computer Animation and related fields:

read it, live it, love it. Good Luck.

Thanks a lot..! Now seeking Best in 3D Gaming.

Thanks for the link..! Now please suggest me the Best school/college for studying 3DGaming internationally. I am concerned about the job scenario abroad for international students,after graduating from such schools….That's my Major concern..!! Will it be a wise decision to invest in that much...if I Target the Gaming studios Abroad…please help me with your valuable suggestions I am thinking to choose one in search of a Rewarding career in 3DGaming…Abroad.
Thanks, Mohit Jain

Gaming is a pretty big industry with a lot of opportunities. What aspect of gaming interests you? There is animation, modeling characters and environments, texturing; not to mention whole the programming side of things.
Our graduates get hired by a lot of gaming companies but we are not known as a gaming school; we just produce a student with the skills they need.

Like I always say, research the companies you want to work for, see who they recruit from and go from there.

On a side note Ringling now has a gaming concentration that will soon turn into a gaming minor that will fall under the computer animation major but still we are not a "gaming" school .


Department of Computer Animation
Ringling College of Art and Design
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