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My 10 second club animation

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My 10 second club animation

Hey everyone,

I've been working on the 10 second club sound clip as well this month. Check it out here and tell me what you think!


very nice....good acting.....

Character Animator

Me and the Graph Editor have a understanding

Very cool and expresive!

Very nice... i'm just a beginner just learning anatomy drawings so i don't know much yet about animation let appart character design.

What i feel in the guy who's sitting down(probably what you ment) is some sort of "O no, there he goes again whit his silly talks...' but he doesn't expresses that much.." maybe after he says "orange and.." instead of lightly shaking his head and continueing writing he must stops writing and do some more exprensive... with the hand on the head or something like that :D

I don't know :-)... i'm still impressed about the animation! I wish i can get as for as you someday!

Greetz from a newbie

Nice job- I really like the movement with the guy standing up- very smooth and expressive. How long did it take you to set that up?

Hey Mike,
Thanks for looking. It took around a week to do up to this point, working on it on and off.

I agree, the guy who's standing up is very expressive
good job