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help with Character Design portfolio pls...

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help with Character Design portfolio pls...


I'm so new here,I just found these forums tonight,and I like it here so far. Anyways,I'm really interested in putting together a Character design portfolio. Can anybody give me info on what I should have in it? Should I create characters based on the styles of current cartoons? Should I include my own stuff? How many drawings is good enough to show my range,how much of my style,and established styles should I put in?

If you can think of anything else I should know,I'd really appreciate it if you shared it with me...

I'm sorry if this kind of question has been posted before,I searched for character design in these forums,and found nothing related to my question...

Rainbow :)

I'm in kind of the same situation as you are rainbow, so thanks for asking the question ..:)
i also have a question related to the first post, should some of your designs be based on some of the designs of the studio you're applying to? I mean would it be a plus, as in.. you're REALLY interested in that specific studio and you want it to show...or would it look like you're just desperately trying to fit in?

The most important thing about a portfolio is that it must be impressive. When I interview animators, I want to be blown away by their work. So, only include work that will amaze other people.

This means you'll necessarily include your strongest work. If you're particularly good at drawing current cartoon characters, you'll want to include your best examples of that.

I like to see diversity. Provide a wide variety of stuff, but don't include something just because it adds variety. Only include it if it's amazing.

I need less than ten drawings to judge a person's talent, but I like to see dozens.

How's that? And where are you located?

Hi BrentNewhall,

Thank you very much for the response. That really helps. One more question I have though is,other than those few dozen character designs,is there any other stuff I shoud show in my portfolio to a prospective employer? For example,life drawings,backgrounds,props,etc...?

I really appreciate you taking the time to reply to my post. I am here in Vancouver Canada,and I'm able to adapt to different styles if I put my mind to it. I will see if I can post some of my stuff sometime in these forums...

Thanks you again...

R :)

Glad to help.

Yes, other drawings are definitely good to have in there, but don't put them in just because you "need to have some human body studies" or anything like that. Put them in because they're excellent, and they show that you have a range of skills.