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Has anyone here ever used Moho before? I have and I think it works awsome :D It's great once you get used to the format. I think my next few shorts and films will probably be made w/ Moho.


I have just started with some initial tests for a short using it and I think it's great, much easier to work with than other cut-out software but still with exellent output-quality.
I really recommend it for other cut-out animators.

I agree, I just learned how to work with it and I think it's really good. Except that I had some trouble drawing with vectors and that it doesnt have a good illustrator importer. But you can use pixel images too, so that isn't any problem. It's way better than for example animating in flash.

how about hand drawn animation?

Is the software Moho only for cut-out animation or could it be used for hand drawn ink and paint work. Also does the software have ink and paint features?


I'm not sure if you can import hand drawn stuff and paint it... I think it's mostly for vector based animation.
I know you can import Quicktime files. And also, I don't think it's only a cut out animation program. It really depends on what style you want. I think you can even import 3D modules too...