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Flash - Publish a portion

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Flash - Publish a portion

Hi All,

Need some advice, i've been given a rather large scene 4000 frames to fix up some animation, i've had to butcher some of it but the boss wants me to only give him the Fixed up portions as SWF.

i can't find a setting to set the published frames. i did also try to select the key frames i needed and paste them into a new scene but that just made flash lock up. also tried to copy it into a symbol, that worked too but when i tried adding that to a new scene again it locked. any help would be greatly appreciated.


I would just take the original that you edited, select all the frames before the portion you need to turn in, and Shift F5 (delete frames), then select all the frames after the portion you need and do the same. You should now have a file with only the frames you need to turn in.

Do a Save As... on that file. Then do a publish for that file. If flash is giving you a hard time, (it's such a bogart on processors), then just do a couple hundred frames at a time. Since you're not copying anything to your clipboard, it shouldn't bog down your computer or flash. You're just deleting frames and making a new copy. Hope that helps.