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making flash swf to DVD mpeg2

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making flash swf to DVD mpeg2


Does anyone know freeware programs that convert flash animations to mpeg2 format , so I could make a DVD easily. Why flash does'nt convert to mpegs?



btw, now you can convert it online with the service at
vidflash almost started
I`ve alerady tried to upload video and converted it to flash. the full opening will be in April, 24. (presentation to video or flash also and of course flash to video)

The mechanism is following.
You upload a file after there will be some actions which can be done with this file (share, convert, etc)
After you choose to convert it, its converts and then you download (or share) your converted file. well everything is simple.

this service is aviable only for registered users :eek: . register is free... :D so far!

For converting flash to avi I recommend Flash to Video Encoder:

flash to d*mn DVD

Just to add my two pence, six cents:

I needed my flash movie on DVD so that it would play on TV.

couldn't get any joy from any of the free flash converters..trouble with synching sound and trouble with, a lot of the freeware/shareware leaves a watermark.

Anyway, I had a minute-long flash movie with a soundtrack and sfx.

Software: Flash 8pro and Premiere and the free Quicktime player.

here's what I did:

export movie from flash 8 as an AVI...the highest quality setting -32 bit sound.

then, import the AVI file to Premiere. Now delete the movie track and just keep the audio. (The movie track on mine was awful quality)

go back to flash, 'save as' flash 5, which allows you to publish as Quicktime movie....

Import the Quicktime movie to premiere - attach the quicktime movie to the AVI audio and then export the whole timeline as PAL 4:3

Burn the Premiere-AVI file as a video file to DVD.

Anyhoo, that (finally) worked for me.

...sorry, but i couldnt post :(

Which codecs did you use on the AVI and on the Quicktime files?

freeware! wow! i wanna freeware for everything!! :p

If you wont get a freeware then get flash to video encoder PRO, there you will be able to burn your flash directly to DVD with automatical conversion...
good luck

I'm pretty sure that I read the more expensive version does. Anyway it should be easier to find an AVI to mpeg2 than swf.

yeah, i didn't compress the AVI files at all...set it at full fat....tried it with the cinepak codec by radius but the monster big version was better.

And didn't compress the Quicktime either

............................ :mad:

hm.... :( l

We just released Moyea Flash to Video Converter, have a try!