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some sketches for my comic (introduction message)

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some sketches for my comic (introduction message)

Hi there,

My name is Rob Jacobs, I'm a freelance animator/designer and live in the Netherlands. I'm new here and thought I'd post some sketches I did recently for a private comic project. It tells the story of a couple of twins, a boy and a girl. Both art students who get caught up in crime and have to use their wit and charm to solve the situation. I basically work on it in between assignments as a side project. Here are some sketches. You can see more of my work on my personal website, which will soon get a nice and necesarry update and facelift :)

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Speaking constructively, some of the head orientations, especially on the girl, feel a little out of sync with the poses.

That said, I love the way these look....a good feel for mark-making, very solidly built in many places, and the guy sorta looks like me so he's incredibly sexy.

why thank you :) Btw, what do you mean by "mark-making"....(non-english member here :confused: :D )

When I say mark-making I mean the finesse and technical proficiency with which you make your marks. A mark is simply an application of the instrument (or medium on an instrument) to the surface you're using for the finished piece. It's mostly a fine arts term. For example, then, mark-making here is how you chose to sketch and make lines with what looks like a pencil. Mark-making in painting is all about the strokes one brushes.

For pencil I guess it'd make more sense in cross-hatching where you could more easily see individually spaced jots and scrapes across the paper, because they aren't continuous, but in here it's in the solid lines you use to describe the looser forms.

I've seen your website before Rob, and i like your stuff, especially the cool photos where you remove your body parts, very clever.

*visits his site*

Someone knows what they're doing.