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help teaching

hello everyone,
i am in need of help, i have just landed a job teaching computer animation to children at primary school level, i have looked everywhere i can think of for books on teaching the subject but have turned up nothing. Does anyone know any good books or places that i will find some on teaching the subject? Many thanks,

Your first stop should be Lightfoot Ltd. This guy taught animation at public high school for a number of years and he really knows his stuff. In addition, he offers weekend workshops which include room and board as part of the package. I had the good fortune to go to one of his gigs a few years ago and I learned a ton. I wouldn't be doing any of the stuff I'm doing today--either as an animation hobbyist or as a teacher of multimedia--without Nataha's instruction. He's also a great resource for books, software, equipment, materials, etc. I don't know how much budget you have, but he's got what you need.

I'd recommend books by Brian Lemay, Tony White, and Preston Blair for working with the kids, and Richard Williams' Animators Survival Kit for your own enrichment.

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thanks for the link, it is full of info. it should keep me quite for a few hours browsing round.
thanks again, mark

what age?

is the book for you or for them

i guess the first thing you have to ask is what do you want them to learn and then work backwards from that

if the emphasis is on them having fun and being creative then you want to remove as much of the technical crap as possible and put everyone on a level playing field

perhaps create all the work files for them and let then create from day one
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they are aged between 5 and 11, i am trying to use 2d animation packages such as 2simple's 2animate and if the school will fund it toonboom. once they have got the hang of this i will be trying to introduce claymation using logitech software provided with the camera. i am looking for books or site that will give me ideas on teaching methods of animation and lesson plans etc as i am very new to teaching.
many thanks again

If you are looking for a good starter book that's not to technical but covers the princlples of animation pretty well try Digital Character Animation by George Maestri. Character Animation in 3d is a good started book too but it doesn't get into the 3D aspect of things much.


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