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what studio and what book ?

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what studio and what book ?

Dear animation people,
I am a 2d animator and I am currently looking what my possibilities are in the 3d character animation world. I am living in the Netherlands but I am thinking of finding my luck somewhere else in the future. Like London for example. I have never been there before and never visited any studios before, but from what I hear it's very nice + a lot of enspiring people in the business. So I am planning to go there just to have a look within some months, and was wondering if anyone can reconmend me any 2d/3d studios to visit ? I am not really into games, but rather tv series and feature films.
For the rest I wanna know what kind of book I should buy in order to understand maya 5. I hear this programm is still the number one for character animation, or am I wrong? How about XSI softimage for example ?

Any information is very welcome,

Hi Boris,

i'm afraid its all a bit quiet o'er here at the moment. There's very little tv work available and the film scene is looking a bit quiet too. I'm sure it'll pick up but just at the moment you could hear a pin drop.

Games is looking pretty healthy mind. I know you said you weren't into games all that much but if your coming over you might want to add a couple of companies to your visiting list.

Some of the companies in london for tv and film:
Double Negative

Some for games:
Sony Computer Entertainment
Electronic Arts

Just a few to get you started.


Thanks Gav! These names are very helpful for now.

I really wonder (and have a lot of respect) how animators in London can manage to make a living form the work available, while (like you said) there are so many quiet moments.

In what kind of animation are you btw?