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need suggestion

Numuste everyone,

I am an enthusiast animator trying to put up a small project with the aid of Wacom tablet v 4.8. The bloody thing is, it's too slippery to ever maintain a steady progress. Even with the paper on top of the tablet it still lacks the precision. I was wondering if any of you have a better suggestion or if there is a better tool that I could afford with my non existent fortune, the advice would be greatly appreciated.



Either use a cover sheet with more "tack", or else drawn the precision elements with good ol' pen(cil) and paper, and scan 'em in. :-)

Kevin G.

[I]Kevin Geiger
Director & Co-founder
The Animation Co-op[/I]

one thing I've found useful when using a tablet and say, flash or toonboom is, go ahead and sketch out your rough pass with a light grey or blue color, like you would on animation paper witha col-erase or graphite pencil. Then create a new layer or exposure layer and zoom in about 200% and use a thicker brush and then do big smooth strokes for your cleanup. When I use flash I'll take my final cleanup and select it all then enlarge it by 1000% (scale/transform), then I'll optimize it, then reduce it to 10% making it 100% of the original and back at it's origin. for some reason flash holds the integrity while cleaning up when it's enlarged like that better then trying to optimize it at a smaller size.

I take a lot of old tips I used in the comics industry and apply it to new media, the same way I take a lot of traditional animation methods and apply them to flash and 3d. One such tip is to work 150-200% larger than my final product and reduce to make the linework look "cleaner". Basically that's what i'm telling you to do.

Good luck, hope this helps.