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Anyone have advice for character animation

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Anyone have advice for character animation

i'm interested in pursuing computer animation, specifically character animation. should one go to a four year art school for this or is it a better idea to take a few continuing education courses through a community college? any advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

I've never heard of a community college teaching character animation. I wonder if they're in Florida...

You can't approach learning character animation like it's a hobby. It's an art and skill that has to mature over time.

I'd go the four year school route if you really want a chance at doing it for a living.


Department of Computer Animation
Ringling College of Art and Design
Sarasota Florida

Here is a great list compiled by the folks at Pixar for people asking them which schools or education programs they should apply too. These are recommendations from them on where you can learn good computer animation.

I would also recommend some rudementary traditional animation training and constant education in Life Drawing and Acting. Even computer animators should understand these principles, it will set you apart from the rest of the pack. As far as skills needed for a job in animation, I'd check out all the major studios recruitment pages and look at the list of skill requirements.

Good luck.