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Fine Art Forum?

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Fine Art Forum?

i was trying to find a good Fine art forum where artest could post there works and have them potentaly certiqued or thrown segestions..

this what i mean.

2 of my new drawings i looking for imput on outside of my collage

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Peting catz can be a hard job!

Peting catz can be a hard job!

Hello Moonsabie and welcome to the forums!

Good on ya for posting some fine art! Its great to see. You certainly have a lovely bold style contrasted with some nice subtle detail. It looks like your using pastels - what type?

Seeing this kind of work always inspires me to experiment more with filters in animation - something i don't think is used enough.

It'd be good to see more of what you do. Do you have a website?


yea its basicly just chaco with white pastel i wish i had more white chaco sticks but i ran out =( nope no website of mine still undergraduate in collage glad you think its interesting i have change alot sence i came to collage.

Is this forum mostly devoted to anima? athough the talent need to created such line quality wich is inharent to anima and suttel marks that indicate volumes of information is a fine art in itself

will more work fit nicely at this forum for imput of would you know anothere forum thats devoted to fine art?

Peting catz can be a hard job!


yeah this is mainly an animation forum but people do post their artwork here albeit mostly character based stuff. Try this forum for more fine art/illustration based discussion:

Lots of good stuff on here!

Good luck!


This is a pretty good community to get feedback... is another "fine art" forum, but some people think there is a snobbish attitude there and that it is very clicky. Great art and artist though. I would also highly reccomend

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cool thanks all mabie this good way to Fall into a job

Peting catz can be a hard job!