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Hello i need help - i just been given 3dmax

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Hello i need help - i just been given 3dmax

:o :eek: i have no idea wot to do

Can ne1 help me to model a shampoo container with ergonomic grooves in it.
It is the same shape in the attachment but in the third pic it is just the groove marks in it. that need to be added.

plz elp i would be very grateful.




The only respectable software I've touched is Lightwave but just knowing about the common aspects, have you tried modeling the whole bottle the same way with the whole centered edge, and then just selecting the top portion and progressively scaling it down to taper it off? Then push the taper against the back edge?

Seems like it'd be a good start for at least the white part.

That's a hell of a gift. That person must love the dickens out of you. Isn't it something like 3.5-4 grand nowadays?

lol nah shared software - boss gave it to me

ne way i got lightwave too
i think it's version 7

wot do u do on that? lol

I use LW8 because my "touching it" occurs only at community college, and supposedly lots of things were flipped around... and we only animate, we don't model; my advice stands as is, from my limited know-how...

depends what you want it to do

nurbs in maya agreed.

in max id start with a box and put a meshsmooth on it and then work with the lower control cage

i havent looked at the picture but i would imagine the lid would be seperate

max is dear, but if you go to southampton institute they buy if for any student that wants it

true story
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What I would do would be to create the outline of the object with a spline, extrude, apply a bend modifier, then use a soft selection to bring up the centers. Although I'm still in High School :)

break the shape down into it's basics. This is a pretty unusual shape so I had to analyze it for a minute (keep in mind this bottle was most likely originally designed in 3d software like maya or poweranimator, so it's just a matter of unraveling the puzzle).

After looking at it, I'd use NURBS in maya (not sure how max does it, but I know it supports nurbs). I'd create two cylinder objects. One is for the base/cap and the majority of the body of the bottle. the other I'd turn on it's side and cut in half I'd then taper the two together making sure I kept the nice bevels on the bottle. I'd then trim off the area where the cap is and model the cap itself. Then I'd start manipulating the nurbs to create the bend in it. Would take a couple hours to get it just right I think, but just start by looking at it simply.