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Tim Burtons new film Yay for hollow eve

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Tim Burtons new film Yay for hollow eve

Have u guys seen the new trailer to Tim Burtons new film. It looks promising to me what do u guys think?

The trailer wasn't particularly striking to me. It was neither very funny nor scary nor touching. The camera angles seemed pretty straightforward.

Then again, the advertisements for The Nightmare Before Christmas didn't convey the charm of that film to me.

I can't judge it, at this point.

I hear u.

When i first went to go see a nightmare before Xmas in the theaters i took a bunch of friends with me who are not into animation as I am. Boy they let me have it after the film. Since then I've had to really work my up to alpha male on the movie picking when we hand out and want to go see something. To me the movie endedn up growing on me, and over time I ended really falling in luv with it. The style, story and all.

Now i have seen many of his films and they tend to fall short alot of the time. The storys really tend to get meshed up and sometimes don't really seem to pay off they promise. I have bought into his style in these types of so i'll support it and go see it but belive me i'm not really expecting much. I mean i saw the trailer to the new Willie Wonka film and boy. What can i say. Just look at the trailer.

I guess i just like the little bit more meloncoly films is all. :P

I cant wait to see this! Nightmare was beautiful so I'm hopin' this one is as well.