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bristol school of animation

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bristol school of animation

anyone knows anything about bristol school of animation?
I would like to know your opinion.

thanks! :D

if you mean bristol england? and if you mean the 6 month course

its good. they really go back to basics and it would be understandable if you thought you knew it all already, but they hammer home some of the fundamentals that might have been overlooked. they also concentrate on getting your work ethic just right so you are adequately tooled up to work in the industry. the people that i know who have been on the course have been successful in finding work afterwards.


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yes, I mean bristol england. But I thought that there is a 3 month course, is another of 6?
Your comment is so helpully but, I still don't understand what are you meaning with TN :(
I don't speak english very well and I'm lost with it, is any place in tennessee named bristol? :confused:

One more question, what you think is the better school in UK? I want to study there, but I don't know the places, can you help me?
thanks for all :p

what's TN?


Bristol, TN? :cool:

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