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Is Disney a shadow of its former self?

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Is Disney a shadow of its former self?

Wanting feedback for college essay on the quality of output from the Disney animation dept. over the last couple of decades or so. Any feedback would be much appreciated!

I think the most important of any of the articles could be found here I read it and was really shocked about how things went down. All the best of luck to you though sir!

The Disney company of today is an entirely different company than the Disney company of the mid-20th century. It's almost as if this huge soulless corporation bought all the rights to the Disney characters and properties.

I wouldn't call it a shadow. It's more like a gigantic steaming dump (the size of Rhode Island) of its former self.

There is insufficient data for a reasonable reply.

Define "output." Animation? Stories? Ability to lip-synch? Ability to merchandise?

Try they will bitch and moan about any and everything disney realated until you have enough info for your paper.
Good Luck

"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that has been given to us." ---Gandalf

It really is its own sort of freaky enclosed little world. You'll find anything you need to know here I guarantee, and you all should sign up while yer at it :D