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Toon boom question

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Toon boom question

I've seen that toon boom can import bmp images from another side of your computer but, is there another way to import images from toon boom in the same program? I mean, if I can import images from a camera or only sacanner "clicking" some tool in the program which opens a window in the same program guiding me to import that images and not sending me to my computer's files.

Thanks :D

If I understand you right, you want to import an image from a file already on your computer.

For bitmap type images that you want to use with all color in place, you create an image element (Menu: Element/Add/Image). Then you can right click in a cell of the x sheet under that new element and select Import Images/From File. Browse to your picture and okay the selection.

If you want to use scanned line drawings you can use a drawing element, similar process, and use import and Vectorize with the right click command in the element coloumn. For settings I use No filter, 70% threshold. Work with the settings until the import is what you want.

Hope that helps.

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I think you help me know if there is a camera capture option? :confused: