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copy and paste .. and lose a few minutes to simply smile.. hopefully??

Hey Pascal,

Apparently I am one of the few that haven't seen your work before. Thanks to the magic of AWN, I was able to go back and look at some of your old posts with links. After seeing a lot of them, my favorite is the 2nd one that is listed in this thread, with the happy go lucky fella climbing the tree. For the sake of not repeating the other praise, I just wanted to say it was similar to one of the old Winnie the Pooh cartoons. There was a stationary background, while the characters brought everything to life with their personalities...the pooh books were incorporated into the storyline.

Thanks for sharing.

ok. after watching your 'door' animation, i went to your site and watched the rest of your stuff... DOOOD! you are amazing! you have instantly become my new favorite animator. you have this fantastic bill waterson drawing style with this incredible energy and charm in your character animation. you simultaneously inspire me and frustrate me, because i may never be that good. hehe!

my only wish is that you get a real web host. angelfire is a bad bad donkey.

Great stuff!

On the first one I laughed my guts out (heh-heh!) ;)

The second had me hooked the whole time! Very fluid animation!

I enjoyed them both!

Splatman :D

I love how the second one occurs in real time. Even if it's sitting still, even if it's a slightly offset movement that's hardly a movement at all, it's moving and it's taken care of so it occupies its own distinct amount of time. Your expressions are classic.

oh cool..
i'm glad you like them guys.. tomorrow, i'm posting a follow up on that longer animation i did ...
I think you might like it!!!

Feel free to pass along any drippings of knowledge at -any- time =P

ok guys..
with the same link.. for the second one.. there is more...


shhhhhh daspetey.. not so much .. i'm blushing( and giving mycomnplexion, it's a weird sight , trust me!)

Your wish may come true i am working ( only a littl;e, i confess.. nonetheless!) on getting a new website that will have direct links!


Love the Back to the Future style screen crash. You're too good for your own good.

I wish scattered.. i really wish I was as good as you think!
thanks, though!

ok scattered..
i've made the last update to it..
The jobs are rolling in again( darn..i was hoping for a longer slow down!!!)
I might slow down my postings soon


oh yeah.. same adress

copy and paste .. for those who don't know

Your modesty makes other people look bad lol

oh don't get me wrong Scattered...
i'm not modest, not for one bit.
I know I have an excellent sense of timing.
I've worked hard on it, VERY hard....

as an animator.. i think they are other qualities that you absolutely need to have to become a GREAT animator.

a passion for acting is one of them.
I love acting, but I am a terrible actor myself.
Have you ever noticed that most of my animations are rushed, and about gags , sketches , and things moving, as oposed to emotions and facial expressions??

I'm not trying to put myself down..
I do know I have other areas I need to work on To become really Great!!

One can always improve, right?

How's your sword fighting going?

You yourself say they're rushed because they're what you do in leisure time between conventional jobs. You manage to get lots done, as far as I'm concerned, so it's a hell of an illusion =)

I laud your sense of propriety, or rather your willingness to better even with your exceptional talents, and even if it means expanding to other facets of technique. And this is certainly the medium for it; one of the reasons I love the medium actually. From now on I promise to be far more critical =)

I love acting and while I have a distinct style, I'm good at that style. Oh, that I had your timing. If you ever need an extra writer or storyman, for something just for practice, I'd be honored to come aboard (Don't take that as me inviting myself, just letting you know you have options if you want to diversify in your quest for learning).

I haven't done anything but block out the sword and school. But I'm going to sometime this weekend, hopefully. You'll be the first to know!