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Good character animation school in London?

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Good character animation school in London?


Hey, I'm not too sure about specific character animation courses (you could check it out on which lists all degrees and courses in universities/colleges in england), but I've recently applied to Arts Institute of Bournemouth, which is on the south coast of England, and they are a very reputable university, who are accredited by Skillset (to do with the industry). Anyway, they provide a course called Animation Production and they are allllll about Animation basics, to do with drawing. I took quite a bit of life drawing and observational drawing and they still said they would have liked to see more!

Anyways, what I'm trying to say is, if you want a course that teaches you the core principles in animation in England, this is the place to be. Type in Skillset in Google, and animation accredited universities, i think there will be a total of three in england. One is the Arts Institute of Bournemouth, another is Bournemouth University and another is in Wales.

Hope this was a bit useful


I don't know about animation schools in London, but I am currently in my 5th term at and it's been the best animation school I've been to. They lean more towards 3D animation, Maya mostly, but they only teach character animation and I don't think they'd be opposed to you doing all your assignments traditionally if that's what you wanted to do. The program starts off slow, teaching the basics with exercises like ball bounces to get timing, spacing, weight, arcs and all that good stuff down. Then they get into character acting, a characters internal dialogue and things like that.

It's all online so you can do it from anywhere, but it does take some displine on your part to make the time for assignments.

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The Royal College of Art is a pretty prestigious place to go. It is in London. Wasn't one of the Oscar nominated shorts from a student piece from there? I think so.

Outside of London, there are plenty of good places too. I went to Bournemouth University, (not the Arts Institute next door).

Hope this helps. Good luck!


PS I would also second the AM recommendation. Seems like all of my friends are mentors now!

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Oh god...i´m so unhappy....i´m 17....and i need to have 18 to go to animation mentor...:( They don´t make exceptions???:cool:

animation at london college of communication

hey, i know exactly what you mean, same happened to me last year, was told i'd be doing animation ended up being a pile of shite!so i switched to an animation course at london college of communication this year! it's part of the university of the arts and it's taught by tim shore. it's an fda course but u can proceed on to a third year of ba honours after your second year as long as you can get a merit . hope that helps!
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im currently attending IADT in Dun Laoghaire, Dublin.

I think the course is good compared to what I've heard about other ones.

it's a 4 year degree course.

a massive focus is put on principles and traditional, hand drawn animation as well as life drawing and design.

From 2nd year onwards you learn 3D, on top of the traditional workload.

in 1st year, you have a film made by the end (theyre mostly pretty bad lol)

2nd year you have 2 films made by the end of the year.

In 3rd and 4th year you have a single film to concentrate on for the year, as well as media projects.

Film History, Cultural studies and business are alos a aprt of the course.

Only problem I have with it is that they dont really concentrate on storyboarding or layout design, they assume youll pick it up yerself as you work on your films.

Reaslly reccomend it though, great course, great people, cant wait to go back, I'm going into 2nd year.

heres a couple (a mere fraction of the work load) of principles projects we worked on.

a couple of design pics, jus showin you its predominantly art based course, as opposed to software based.