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Bauhaus Software Mirage

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Bauhaus Software Mirage

Anybody here use Bauhaus Mirage for animation? I've been to their site and it looks like a really good program. I'm trying to find a better animation program than

I've been thinking about doing my thesis here at school using this software. I've done a few quick tests and it looks to be very versatile. I'm wondering how far I can take it. The sample animations they've got on their site are good but not the sort of thing I'm going to be attempting. I want to emulate/imitate the look of old Felix/Bimbo cartoons... Mirage seems like a quick and easy way to lay out the initial movement if nothing else... but if I could keep it all in one place, one computer... just a few programs... that would be ideal.


I use Mirage at times and I highly reccommend it. The only thing I prefer to it is good ol' paper and pencil. It may be a bit more complicated than flash but thats simply because it can do more art related things.

"Animation isn't about how well you draw, but how much to believe." -Glen Keane