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I need program for 2D

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I need program for 2D

I need a program able to work with 2D. Someone tell me that toon boom it's the one, but I don't want to do flash animation, I want to work with paper an scan my draws. Something like flipbook but more complet.

Thanks a lot! :D

animation software.

Mr. Lightfoot the orriginal teacher for animation in the classrooms,. (highschool) he went thew tons of different software. the best he found he now sells on his website. might give you a better idea of what animation software is out there


I bought the express version of Toonboom this week and have been pretty happy with it. I was also looking for the same type of program as you, wanting to scan and color in the program. I Scan my documents at about 300 dpi and then "import and vectorize." The line quality holds up pretty good and file size is small. You might want to download the demo and play around with it to see if it suits you. If you hurry up, you can get the same deal I got: $50 to preorder V2.5 plus they let you have V2.0 for free now. I swear I don't work for Toon boom, just thought it was a good deal.

The only problem you are going to run into with the express version is you can only export your movie as flash. So you are going to need some other program to convert into an avi. or quicktime file.

Hope that helps.


Hey Kal, are you using in on a Mac? I've got the full version of 2.5 for PC that is supposed to TWAIN from scanner and several of us on PC are unable to do this, and we participated vigorously in the beta testing! However, I do too much scanning (with import and vectorize) to try to use the TBS scanner interface.

All told, however, I'm pretty happy with Toon Boom also...

As for just doing Flash animation, you can output to quicktime for recording to tape also. I've done this a few times and had it on local public access channel, looked great.

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Did you convert it to tape or did the PA studio? If the former, by what means?

I imported the quicktime into premiere and exported from there to my mini DV camera.

It was used during a field broadcast the access station does each year from hollister's annual july 4th independence rally, which I have co-hosted for a couple years in a row--this is our big deal that celebrates the 1947 "riots" that insired the film "The Wild One".

Anyway, they played it from a DV deck into the feed. Mini DV is better quality than VHS anyway. The trick is to plan your production from the get go with end results in mind so your aspect ratio and resolution are all thought out ahead of time. I'm working on getting it to widescreen, so I was advised to use 1280x720. When I put it through premiere I just had to add black above and below the clip so it would look right on a normal TV.

Cartoon Thunder
There's a little biker in all of us...

Kevin, it helps me so. is a good page, there are a lot of things that I didn't know there exists.

Kal,thank you too.
I'll look for this option you tell me. Sure it helps me.

see you in other post, and thanks again for your answers! :D

Toon Boom Studio vs. the Tab 2.2 pro

Hasn't anyone here heard of The Tab 2.2??

I believe the real head to head in this category of quick animation on the fly for import to web-sites and cell phones is between these two brands.

As I've just joined and performed a quick search for the tab, I noticed there's some stuff on TB but nothing on the Tab?

I'm debating whether to get one or the other. I have tab 2.2 which was given to me! Although, I was intending to get toonboom but was stopped in my tracks upon my receipt "gift". I haven't even used either one, just reading up on them.

The goal is: I want to make animations that will integrate with live video, kinda like roger rabbit in a waaay scaled down kind of way.

Am I even close as far as products here?


to clarify

Imean I'm debating whether to get the Tab 2.2 PRO version as there are 3 versions - tab2.2, tabe lite, and tab pro.

The tab Pro allows for vectorizing of imported images while the tab 2.2 doesn't, it costs some bucks to upgrade it.

SO - again, getting toon boom would be equivalent to upgrading the TAB.

Let me know all of your thoughts between the two.