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Stop-Motion-Animation Wire Armatures

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Stop-Motion-Animation Wire Armatures

Dear Stop-Motion-Artists, Modelmakers, Puppet- and Clayanimators,

Here´s some Information about my new armature offer:
It´s a wire-armature-plug-and-lock-system. It uses the same kind of Aluminium chest and pelvis blocks that I machine for my custom ball and socket armatures. The wire is glued into small brass tubes then pluged into the aluminiumblock and locked by tightening a small hex-Screw. In case of a wire break parts can easily be removed and replaced.Theres also enough space in the blocks to add threaded holes for rigging purposes or other attchments.

Sample Picture:

Visit this link to WATCH a DEMO CLIP (DivX 5)
I now offer
- Ready made Kits (no wire included) Price 40 EUR -> visit the SHOP to see pictures and find more detailed Information.
- Custom made parts - Prices for a full set (without wire) start at 50 EUR and depend on your prefered setup and size (plus 16% tax if you live inside the EU - non EU countrys are tax free)
- It´s also possible to customize a ready made Kit. Please ask for prices !
You can also find Wire and other accessories in the shop section.

If you have any question regarding this offer feel free to contact me.

The Kits are also available in the US thru - click here to visit their shop section.

best regards,

Jürgen Kling

Jürgen Kling - Animation und Puppenbau
Armature fabrication - puppetmaking - stopmotionanimation
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63571 Gelnhausen, Germany
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