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i need squash and stretch excercises

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i need squash and stretch excercises

i'm in the beginning of my first term of teaching 2D animation, and i'm trying to find good in-class exercises for my students to do for each of the 12 principles of animation. so wednesday's class is 'squash and stretch'.

i was wondering if anyone had any ideas besides the bouncing ball. i plan on doing the bouncing ball (of 3 different weights), and then extending that to a jumping frog. does anyone have suggestions beyond that?


A potato sack or self motivated ball jump and land
A character chewing
A wiener dog running into a wall

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heheh! i love the weiner dog!

those are great, thanks ed.

Something that rears back in a stretch to anticipate, then stretches as it follows through and takes off-- cars, etc.

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