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Where are all the British Animators?

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Where are all the British Animators?

Hi Everyone,

I am interested in meeting other british animators, it seems that there are few of us about. Perhaps we could get a small group together to work on some projects? Anyone interested?


Maybe This Obvious...


Maybe this is about in England?


hi larry,

where you asking if bournemouth university is located in england? it is!

here is a link to the school. i'm afraid the website is best described as, um, primitive:

Hey there Guys, I'm british/kurdish- living in sunny London, :-D

I'm not British, but I did study and work in the UK for 9 years... Have you tried looking in Soho? Some of the pubs are crawling with animators!

"check it out, you know it makes sense!"

Really??? Soho pubs?

which companies did you work for in England?

The Hive (London) and Optical Image (Stourbridge), I also did some work experience at AstleyBakerDavies (when it was just AstleyBaker), Tom and Vicki, and 2d:3d.
And yes... there are pubs in Soho crawling with animators!

"check it out, you know it makes sense!"

What do you do now?

well, I'm back in my little country working in a feature film called "Midsummer Dream"

"check it out, you know it makes sense!"

I'm an Animator...and I'm British in Britain !!! :)

Cool! :) So am I. What projects are you working on?

hi amy,

yes, there are a few of us around. please feel free to start a brit-centred discussion. i miss home!


You're a british animator in America? How exciting?! :) What work are you doing out there?

You can find a lot of British animators on Skwigly Animation Magazine's forum. The on-line magazine is at There is a link to the forum on there.


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hi amy,

i'm currently working on this!


(hey wade, nice to see you're still on the forums...)

Hi Kevan,

Really? Sounds great and I personally can't wait to see that film.


Don't forget to try out the live animation chat rooms

Wow, Kevan, that's amazing! Congrats! :) Have you worked for other huge companies? I'd really love to do something like that - it's my main ambition in life.

I'll watch for your name in the credits! :)

oh, where did you study?

hee. thanks guys!

i studied computer animation at bournemouth university. there are actually a few of us here, although i'm the only one in the character animation group.

this is my first animation job since leaving school, although i did work in london as a matchmover in a cool little visual effects company for about 8 months in between.