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help with programs

Hi! I need some help with computer programs that will be able to work with tradicional animation 2D.
Now, I'm working with flipbook, but its so limitated wen you want to do some a little more ambitious.
I've reed many times about Toom Boom in this and another forums, how is it?
If you can comment it or give another suggestion...
thanks! :confused:

oh! sorry about my bad english :p

I'ts funny :p
flipbook it's a "cheap" program (I know because it's what we use at the university where i'm studing, and it's sure that they spend the less money they can for the classrooms, they won't pay an euro more than the minim).
But you must know that flipbook it's a testline (I don't know if it's the word) program. You can't work with a lot of cels or levels.
And if what you want is to work with the draws that you can make with the computer, it's also like paint, but here the line is like paint too (not like toon boom or flash where the computer improve it).

Well, at least, you can proove the program before buy it. You can download a demo or even download the program with cracks from emule or another server if you don't want to send your works anywher to earn some money.
I hope my replay will be helpfully :D

2D software

The Tapptoons Animation Studio might be what you need.
You can download a free demo version from

You can draw into the programme or import images from a videocamera or scanner, add colour, mix multiple levels and export to AVI.

I dabbled in Flipbookand I'd say the experience wasn't bad. You just have to get the pro version if you want to get more ambitious. The software from my little experience gives you the feel of traditional animation...user interface is pretty easy.

you may like to use Animo you can find it at or Toonz from Softimage at
i hope this will help you coz they are both cool sotwares

thanks! :D you make me happy!
I will download those programs and the instruccions manual, and hope that my works will be great on it....and conquire the hole world! jajajajJAAJAJA!
....eeeer...mmm....thanks :p

hi again!
I search those programs that you told me and I notice that there are programs like flash. I need one wich be able to scann paper draws, because it's what I usually do.
Do you know any?

Make me happy again please :D

Funny-- you have what I want and I have what you may want...

I'm running Toon Boom 2.5 on windows and while I'm pretty happy with it and have worked out a pretty good workflow, the experimenting I've done with Flipbook makes me wish I'd spent my money there instead.

I've looked at a few other packages like the Tab and Crater Software's CTP and really like some of what they offer, too.

Flipbook does a better job differentiating between a scanned line (treats it like pencil) and fill. Toon Boom uses scanned lines as paint, making it harder to work with line color changes etc-- which has a great process in Flipbook. Also, for a few more dollars, Flipbook has some kind of plug in (I think) for shading and effects. If I had a bunch of cash, I'd be sending a check to digicel.

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