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Oscar nominations?

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Oscar nominations?

Hi folks

With the Oscars looming does anyone know who is running for Best Animated Short this year as I have not seen anthing posted here on the forum.



Thanks Dave for the list.

[b]From a thread on CG Talk :

It's the Cat[/b]
Guard Dog- Bill Plympton
Ryan - Chris Landreth (Cannes Winner)
Suite for Freedom - Acme Filmworks
In the Rough- Blur Studio
Ward 13- StopMotion by Peter Cornwell
Lorenzo- Disney (Annecy Winner)
Fallen Art- Platige Image (same company that produced THE CATHEDRAL)
Gopher Broke- Blur Studio
Birthday Boy- Sejong Park (Siggraph Winner)

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I saw "Ward 13" a couple of nights ago. It's an interesting film; part comedy, part horror, part...I don't know. Very well done.

Ward 13- StopMotion by Peter Cornwell

I believe I saw Ward 13 when I went to Germany last year. That is some of the best claymation I've ever seen. :D

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Noticed in the list above that "It's The Cat" doesn't have a director listed. That person is Mark Kausler.

Saw that and "Guard Dog" a while back. Both are very good. Dog is probably one of Plympton's funniest, and Cat has a great retro 30's/40s feel.

Btw this is the shortlist for the nominations. The actual nominees won't be anounced till end of Januari.

I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy [i]-Tom Waits

I saw "Guard Dog" in its debut. Definitely one of Plympton's better shorts. An actual narrative from mister visual pun.