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how do you start a ...CHANNEL

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how do you start a ...CHANNEL

I mean.. everybody is always trying to get a show on a channel, .. like nick or cartoon network..
but.. how do these channels get created??
what does it take to get one up and running??


Hello from Casablanca!

Pascal, mate... I think you might be hard pressed to find someone with an answer to that question. That is a big ordeal I am sure, and probably WAY over all of our heads.

How 'bout starting a "wish me luck" thread instead ;)


"Don't want to end up a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard" - Paul Simon

ah wade....
you crack me up..

i didn't think i'd get a lot of answers....
I'm not trying to start a channel, but , we were picthing shows to nick, and, they have all those guidelines about what they want , plus, all the stuff about the rights and the money and.. well.. all that rubbish stuff that's very interesting to know, actually...

while we were all discuccing that, we just thought baout....
how did they get to be nickelodeon?
cartoon network?
etc etc..
that was why i was asking...

on a different subject...

hum... the game companies i know there has a big long soft name that starts with a U... am i way off the mark??

how do you like it there??


I've been told that you can setup your own Satellite Channel with the prices starting around £300per Hour (I'm sure its a similar price everywhere else).

Don't forget to try out the live animation chat rooms

This doesn't help you with legalese or buttons to press or papers to sign, but both of those examples came from other parent companies being able to afford them. I'd research the parents like Turner Broadcasting which got bought by Time Warner (after Turner bought a catalog which included older WB cartoons) and then through the purchase gave the network the newer WB cartoons....

Then Nick = MTV = Viacom, etc...

Check out this link though, from a UK site:

Toward the bottom of the BROADCAST section of links, maybe 3/4 down the page (on my 1024x768 screen) there's a PDF file on how to start a TV channel. I don't know if the exact details are international but it makes for a fascinating read.

oh my god scattered.. that's awesome info...
how do you get those infos??


Pascal... You may be on the right track with your guess as to what company it is that I work for. I am here getting a prototype finished up... finishing it up now, and will be back in the country on Sunday to put together an animation team for the full-out production of this one.

Could be worse, I suppose.... Could be at home, with all that white crap on the ground around me, and sub-zero temperatures!


"Don't want to end up a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard" - Paul Simon

Pascal -- I used the Wikipedia ( to clarify for myself what exactly went on in the respective histories of those companies. I knew the MTV correlation to Nick from the Ren & Stimpy days (Doesn't seem like it could happen in these days of Dora) and I always felt there was a big WB connection to Cartoon Network. Freaking awesome site, I'm addicted.

As far as the channels, it's a brilliant question I never considered. My first thought was FCC and frequencies since that's how radio stations get started, but I just randomly Googled one or two variations on "how to start a tv channel" (without quotes) and I think it was the second page on my second search. Seems really interesting. Even if some of it's over my head just knowing there's a process and knowing I can...know about it...Makes the Internet even cooler =)

Glad to see it sparked your interest. I'm no more privy to anything than anyone else. I have an excellent memory and an intricate though process, but half the job of being smart is learning and finding out answers to every question you pose to yourself. This is just second nature.

congrats if indeed I am on the right track.
I worked for that company a while back, as a concept artist when they were still using some.. don't have great memories of that time, which is why i didn't stick with games... but i heard a lot of changes had happened since then and it's become a much better company to work with...
anywhich way..
you deserve the best.

You're one heck of a smart guy, you know that?
as someone from this forum once said about me..i'm glad we're on the same side.
and.. wink wink to who this is adressed to!


Hey Pascale,

We are still using concept artists, and relying heavily on them. The company (Ubi), I suspect, has become a lot more "agréable" to work for. I am having a great time here.

Cheers. Catch ya when I make it back home.

"Don't want to end up a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard" - Paul Simon

yup that's the one.
glad to hear stuff have evolved a lot there..

you just hear things here and there but , when you're away from it, It's always hard to figure out what is truth and whatis personal grief.
oh well...

catch you when you're back!