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Ramimator Gallery

It's been a while...Congrat. Mr. Danimation for this Forum...:)...I hope my Gallery(thread) will have many comments....To begin this is a sketch i did in a Psychology section (college)...;'s about Alien vs Predator (i think i need some reference(pictures))......Cheers and THX

Looking good. Are you going to fully render this drawing? I think a fully rendered Alien would be a blast.

By the way, was AVP any good?

I will..

Thx..Jchap...i think i will render it..just i'm waiting to finish my exams :o and have some references about this alien..I liked the idea of the movie and the way they presented Alien Vs was good...anyway this is my sketch for today...and i have a rendered one but it's an old drawing i put it before in the daily's a devil...Thx..and G.L. for all

Frank Frazetta...

This is a sketch i did from the painting of Frank Frazetta...(mostly a Sci-fi Artist)...G.L... :)

Excellent rendering Ram! Kudos

Cereal And Pajamas New Anthology : August 2007

Got some good poses with the creature drawings, like to see them rendered like the sword man

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i'm back from Exams...Shhuuhhh...finaly i finished...those r some sketches i did when i was studying for exams... :) ..Thx..and G.L... ;)