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Pitching a Series

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Pitching a Series

Hi Everyone -

This is my first post here, and I've got some questions about pitching a TV series. Our production team is preparing to pitch a cartoon series to the networks soon, we've got the full gamut of the characters and their world, character relationships, designs, backgrounds, a multitude of episodes both as springboards and further developed, the animation system/software and rough production pipeline. We're nearing completion on a 5-minute "teaser" for the series -- a fully-animated sample of the animation for the series. By the time the teaser is finished, we'll also have the rest of the materials compiled into a complete Pitch Bible.

Our plan is to pitch directly to the networks (Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, others, etc.). This is our first time pitching though, so we're not sure how to go about setting this up. How do we get a hold of the development people at the networks, and should we expect to have to wait a few weeks/months before they can pencil us in, or would we able to get in pretty quickly?

Also, if anyone has any tips on whether it's better to pitch to a network rather than a studio or vice versa, that would be helpful as well.

If anyone has any other helpful comments that would be great too!

--- Matt

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