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Here is a different character for tonight. Prof. Ben, Miss A Bombs mentor Architype. He's based on one of my child hood heros can you guess who?

Jabberwocky: Thanks for your input, I really appreciat it. It helps decide and i also like to hear others take on it. Oh and yes that is my thought on Miss A Bomb. When she becomes here is is more confident, not at first though this only happends after she kind of grows to know her capeabilities. Kind of like Peter Parker.

thee_nethken: Hahah thanks i'll give it some thought, but for now one heroine and the baddies is enough to handle for me.

Phreak: Thanks i'm glad u like them:D

Captain Kangaroo!!!!!

hahahahahahahaha good likeness ..


Very interesting! The lower row looks a little like versions of an elderly and rotund Stan Laurel.

nice nice nice :D

Hey there gang,

Well i hit a bit of a lag. That and i also had to do a one of my special cakes for a friends birthday party we had at work. Needless to say that the cake was one of my famouse erotic cakes for my friend Ceci and that blasted thing had me and all the guys at work walking around very careful around it cause it looked like it wanted to poke us in the eye. The girls on the other hand luved it and made unit jokes all day long. hahah good times.
Ok enough of that. Here r some sketches i did last wee on my sketch book. Wow i haven't drawn on paper in a long time. Made me miss ctrl+Z hahah.

Some more of the ProfBen desing that i liked the most.

These r some dev sketches for one of the main badguys in the first episode

Another baddy to our heroine.

This is the busDriver in the episode but i'm not happy with any of these, she is going to need more work.

I had to do this in multiple post this i can only post 4 images at a time.
Oh well that's ok

These skectches r from my friend Ceci whom i did the cake for. She went ahead and did some Dev skectches for me of MissABomb. Who said women can't draw sexy women.

Hope you like I know i did

cartuneman: hahhahahahhah no that's not it. ProfBen is based on my childhood hero Benny Hill

Jabberwocky:hahah is that Laurel from Laurel and Hardy that your ref too?

thee_nethken: Thanks

Great stuff, I like the top middle scientist the best out of those ones. He looks like a sketchy character. As far as A-bomb goes, the sketches look great and I think you'll just have to pick one or two based on the personality that you have planned for her.

ps. the first proffesor sketch from the last page looks like a chubby conan o'brien hehe

Jabberwocky:hahah is that Laurel from Laurel and Hardy that your ref too?

Yes, but Benny Hill is a cooler idea. I used to watch him a lot, too, in my teens. I also remember the day it was in the papers they found him dead in his apartment, sitting in front of the still running TV set. I don't know but even though it didn't make me particularly sad it's moments like that which make me realize time passes.

Who said women can't draw sexy women

Indeed, whoever said that? That's really one cute face in the third sketch. Not one I'd use for a super heroine of Miss A-Bomb's, hum, "calibre", but very endearing.

nice drawings! very nice drawings!

ok ya if I look at him some more he does look like Benny Hill. Benny hill was one of my favorite comedians too. I loved the mini comic shorts of him and the coppers and the others the most.


Ok i had a little too much fun with this one. One of my friends showed me this Artist art work Shane Glines and it inpired me to do versions of miss A Bomb in his style. I really like the way he draws hips and how simplified his style is. This type of style comes hard to me since i want to add all kinds of details. I do like the idea though and the style seems to lend itself to animation more so than what my style of drawing. Ok enough ranting i'm off to try and be a writer. Sheese wish me luck i'm not that good at it.

Here r some i did yesterday but forgot to post.

Some that my friend Todd Odman did for me.

Doubt: Thanks, I agree i have to develope here personality in my mind first and then the visuals will come.

bupaje: Thanks, expressions are always something i'm trying to work at, it helps to have a mirrow around, Now i'm not saying my mug is good looking like some of my drawings but it helps to see the expression and then bounce it off of that.

nonsense: Thanks women's anatomy is something i study with madness hehe.

cartuneman: Hahah thanks, ok for you Capt'n Kangaroo it is. I'll make sure and tell my friend how wrong she is, so that hopefully she will do some more for me.

Jabberwocky: I also remember that day. I was sad for a moment to know that he was no longer with us. I never met him but i did feel loss. Then i thought, well if he is in heaven he is giving God a hard time hitting on all those angles and if he is in hell well i'm pertty sure he is running things down the. hehe.

thee_nethken: Thank you.

cartuneman: I want to incorporate the slapping of little old bald men into the animation hehe.

wow..i love these. ya shanes work is sweet..although i love your comic style alot too, touch of realistic = good for me :), if you dont mind im gonna do some studying of your facial techniques and throw them up in my gallery soon. :)

Really nice stuff. I like your expression page. I almost thought that the atomic symbol on her face showed up when she got into her superhero frame of mind, kind of like an underlying makeup or something. I think a simple mask looks good on her, she seems very carefree without it.

Ok here r some sketches of Miss A Bomb in here Reg self. I'm trying to keep with in the Shane style but it now starts to get hard. Hope u like.

nonsense:Thank u and i'm honored that u'll use my stuff to study and practice. Thanks

katana: Thanks I'm glad u like I also agree that the mask helps.


That is bloody great work man. I really really dig your lines :D
One day...ONE DAY :o

Yours Truely
Da' Phreak
Neville Howard.


damage ....what can I say..............your work truley is great!

So how do i go about getting an autograph from you or better yet get a copy of a comic con sketch book autographed by you?

hahahahahaha :D


Wow! Beautiful work. Awesome characters. I especially love the expressions. Little doubt who is smart, evil, good, innocent etc Most of my own stuff seems to always look either morosely sad or maniacally happy despite my original intent.

haha such are lord of anatomy contours, love your work sir :D, oh and i didnt realize your friend drew these...she has skills like you!


What does she mean women can't draw sexy...hell.....a women is supposed to know what sexy is. She not only acheived sexyness she even went and made her hot too.
Hahahahahaha wonder what she'd look like if she reached that point right before "critical mass"?

Your friend did good.............oh and I don't care what you say hahahahaha I still think that character still looks like Captain Kangaroo. (you can tell who was my child hood hero huh?)

Great work by you as always Damage You never stop amazing me!