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Doubt gallery

Did this for a tattoo for a friend of my brothers. know it isn't animation but it's what I did tonight. it says "lunatic", he probably is one


OUCH! looks like he wasn't the only one lookin for a snack.


It's been too nice out to be on the internet. A few pages from my sketchbook:

You got me for sure!

You look like your haveing fun with your art! loven them all.



This is of a bathroom in Olten, switzerland


Whoah, somebody finally got down with photobucket.....


Skull &cross-pencils a hand and a guy with a very large cranium. This is a real guy, he's a soccer refferee

Its soo perfect, precise, and creative

Also, just to say because i didnt notice, Your Comic is cute and funny....Just imagine what i think when im mad at my brother :D

Nice work Doubt, do u know where he is going to get it tated on?

I've done a couple of tat disings but nothing as graphical as urs. i don't have the patiance and skill for such art. The funny thing is i have never seen my tat desings on people to see how they turned out. Go figure :P

Thanks doob, I'll post another one of those sometime soon.

Damage, has paid his dues. And the flashbacks..

I found this in the dry storage of the local Mcdonalds:

daily sketch

Poor little critters.


This one's not for the kids...
I don't usually draw stuff that's this hmmm.. disgusting, but I like this sketch.


Here's that one for the in-laws, I had to rework ceciles face a bit. This is a scan from a photocopy..


A self portrait from a photo.

daily sketches

I have a few rough storyboard revisions here. The third one is just a fun sketch, I'm looking for a solution to a problem with the pace of the end of my short. An aproach like this would be taking it a liiiitle out of sync.


Getting a bit bogged down by the neccesities of life. I think you've seen enough hand studies on here so I won't post any more of those. here's some life drawing and a Finnish kid (or most of her anyway, small scanner.)
ps. Who's going to the Annecy festival? an awn forum picnic would be cool. maybe start a new thread for that if anyone is interested..


Chop Chop.. this guys acryllic.


just a few sketches here.

Thanks for the comments!

Gamer, Thanks but Perfect and percise it is not. I did these ones straight with ink, the only roughing in I did was the pannel shapes and sizes. The optimizing makes it almost impossible to read (I need to get web site up so I can get better quality on here)

Sounds like you and your brother must tax the medical system hehehe..


Here's another t-shirt design


He's getting it on the underside of his forearm, I'll post it when a get a picture.

Yeah, it takes a bit of time and patience a bit of practice (few years)

I'll be posting here every day that I have time now, love the old thread and the idea of the new forum. Like your work. Thanks for the comp. I'm in switzerland so the times that I post might look a little strange.

I'm hoping some character design rubs on me while copying this stuff


Thanks Dan.
Insurance anybody??

Daily dose

This is from Bondo, close to soglio.


A couple of quick little sketches. I got a few of those Copic markers, just testing 'em out on that last one. Can't wait to use them on some characters

Really nice work Doubt. It's always a lot of fun to look at and enjoy.
Can't wait to see more!

Dinner time, And a long study of a hand


Today's life drawing session


This is just a really quick one with a ball point pen..

Very cool flash work Doubt. I look forward to seeing the final photo! Cheers

Cereal And Pajamas New Anthology : August 2007


Mad-eye, the sick slug

Hey Doubt the place where u live looks like a really cool looking place to live.

My Daily

This is for a practicant, since the project I was working on is done I've gotta finish something for everyones scrapbooks. Which is a rad idea if you're not doing it already. you get tonnes of rad sketches and the memories to go with 'em. So the frog is because the studio I was working for is called S.W.A.M.P and there's frogs all over the place. The dude and the human car he's in are from the short that Eva is working on, in my own style though. I will be coloring this and will probably post that too because it'll take a few hours.


Thanks jchap, That is ink and watercolor. So here's a couple quick ones based on people I saw in the train station. The text clip is from the Solothurner Film Tage where the project I was working on "Hang Over" won the "Publikumsprize", (audiences favorite animated film). Hope it makes it into the Annecy festival now!

daily sketch

A little heavy on the shading.

is this a tattoo? Or superimposed?


A little shneke for ya.


I like that one. looks like an old cell out of an animation


a couple more of those hands and a piece I did for a presentation at my wifes school.

Thanks C-man. Here's a suitcase I did for my dad:

when I saw you stuff I had to think about Fang Lijun ( ) I would advice you not to focus on cartoons, but on life drawing and painting and that sort of stuff.

Sweet work I can't wait to see it in color.

Man the forums doing that link instead of thumbnails thing again.. annoying. Here are a couple more skateboards, I've got a few more to paint.

well, another intern is finished his term in the studio so I colored that horse for him.

And this foot is another train doodle


I did these in a course I'm taking, finished a couple things too fast. The first one is a charicature of one of my class mates. The second one looks how I felt. we all need to sleep at some point.

That first set of pics is -impressive-...such great line work...feels like basic shapes done in a realistically organic way...


Here's a sketch for the Valentines Day contest. colored one coming soon.


Among other things that graffiti is awesome.


Todays life drawing, one of those off days..

he, I threw the skin in there in photoshop. That's rad that you couldn't tell though.