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general texts on 3D??

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general texts on 3D??

hey everone:

I've finally decided to try using some 3d in developing backgrounds for my 2d cartoons. The reason is that I want to include more road riding shots where the background is animated without having such a lot of work doing it. Not that 3d ain't a lot of work, but I think it is a better solution in the long run, and I think I can design materials in it that will work in my 2D world.

ANYway... is anyone aware of general 3D text that can give me an idea of some basic solutions? I've done some basic 3D modeling (once built a harley in 3D max and I learn fast.

I figured out how to make terrain, and I'm working out trees, but I want to stick a road on my terrain so the camera can follow it (as a path) and have trees etc going by. I guess I could do the road in 2d and just slap it over my 3D stuff...

Oh, I'm using Anim8or, a free 3d program, and Terranim8or, a (also free) terrain generator for Anim8or. I know other programs have a leg up on this, but I'm on a budget and this is hands down the best free program I've found.

I'm open to all kinds of ideas... Thanks!

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Cartoon Thunder There's a little biker in all of us...

Cartoon Thunder
There's a little biker in all of us...

If you're on a budget of "free" and decide to go for the 2D-road-on-3D-terrain bit (not that you couldn't do a 3D road in this) I can only recommend:

Teeny download, no money, and it takes between 5 and 10 mins to make something really purty.

Thanks, Scatto-Bro:

I'm checking it out right now. I've been messing around all weekend (when I have papers to grade and grades due manana) with Anim8or (also free) and I'm pretty into it. I've found ways to export it to Flash so I can import it to Toon Boom. I'm concerned about Terragen's "photoreal" quality as I'm looking for something flatter, but I bet I can dummy it down by messing with the settings.

Thanks for the link. :D

Cartoon Thunder
There's a little biker in all of us...

If there aren't posterization or color-reduction tools inside Terragen, even the video editing software that comes with XP has a similar special effect.

As for flat on photoreal, well, Looney Tunes: Back in Action was a record-breaking smash hit....right? Right!?? :D

(Teasing of course)