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Goals For 2005

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Goals For 2005

Hello. Happy New Year!

What are you animation goals for 2005?

How many drawings will you do a day?

How many software packages will you learn?

What will you accomplish this year?


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get into graduate school! I'll have another resolution when I finish the first one.

Don't do nothing because you can't do everything.

My goal is like last year, just to keep my head above water and every now and then smile to myself and say that's pretty good....

I don't dare reach for more, or I may swamp the ship.


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Either become a jpop star/sing in Japan (requiring completion of 3 songs-in-progress for updated demo and weight loss) or....

complete my series animation trailer, acquire investors and co-producers and produce pilot episode etc. etc. ^_^ Perhaps solidify a manga contract with Tokyopop.

Now, if only I could get my scanner to work. *cry*

Linverse, maybe if you tell us what sort of scanner and os you are using we can help you get it up and running. Can't be that big a problem. Start a thread on it and I am sure we can help you with it.

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

I'm going to do things big this year. I'm going to begin production on a 3D short that I've been putting off, and I'm going to do things that's going to promote me and my company in a more professional light (although I'm not quite sure what :rolleyes: ). I plan to get my website to be exactly the way I want it, and to submit to more festivals. I'm even going to draw more - I'd say at least a drawing every month. Believe me, that's a lot better than my current average of 0 per month. Hopefully by this time next year, I'll be telling you all about a list of my successes instead of my wish list.

Happy New Year!

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Happy new year guys :P

Well my animation goals for this year r. To animate. I've been illustrating more than animating especially all of last year. All of last year went pretty much to just pre prod and comics. This year i want to actually get in there and start to animate more in 2d, flash and 3d. I know i learned 3d for a reason and it wasn't to just take the class and thats it.

As far as drawing i want to get back to doing my daily sketches. Hell and trying to post them too. I have really lagged it during this holiday season.

Software packages... Well i want to learn 3ds max. Right now I know Maya but i also would like to know 3dsmax.

My acomplishments for this year...I would like to try to get those comicbooks i'm working on on track and hope fully get my nightmare animation thru production.

Well I know that i have a ton more but i have to learn to keep it simple stupid and just finish what i start. :P

learn After Effects. I layed my hands on it for the first time about a month ago, got an expensive instructional book for christmas. Its additctive.


Well, let's see,
I'm in the process of making a short right now.
I have two web series planned, a Sci Fi one I'm going to start pretty soon, and another that may not be for a while. Plus shorts in between.
That may take up a whole year. I dunno, the first web series may take me only a month or two to animate.
Oh ya, I'm also considering getting Flash when I raise enough money :)


What do you use right now, ImageReady?

Happy New Year everyone.

My New Years Resolution is to try and make more time to draw. I plan on setting aside at least 10 minutes aside everyday for that purpose and going for more life drawing. I'm thinking of taking a painting course as I've only learned to paint on my own and there is probably a more efficient way to go about it. I also want to complete my own gallery website this year and in doing will hopefully develop a better understanding of the software I've been reading/learning about - Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash. Unrelated: working out more and eating better. I think most try that one though. ;)

Happy New Year all!

My new year res is to get a descent model out of Lightwave (for my portfolio) and to finish the flash animation that I'm working on at present. I also intend to do more life drawing as one of my Christmas presents was Virtual pose 3, yay! :)

Well, I spent the last third of 2004 preparing for what's to come in the coming early months of 2005.
I took the leap into 3D animation, and with some field experience, I'm pursuing the domain of Artistic Direction...either in 2D or 3D. Although I'm aware that often as a Director, there's less hands-on artwork that you do yourself, I've always enjoyed working with other artists, or other anything for that matter, in a little more of a leadership position. It's very challenging and exciting.

So that's my goal...first Artistic Direction, then hopefully, with enough field experience, I'll be able to gather up easily influenced, disturbed youths, and slowly but surely develop my own sex-religious cult, which will under my strict rule, take over the world.