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What are YOU doing??????!!!

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What are YOU doing??????!!!

simply asking....What is everyone working on? Are you developing a cartoon, doing some flash, sketching on the side? The idea for the threat came out of looking at some websites of recent posters. I know some are a little outdated or have the "coming soon" page. Soooo...what are you kids working on these days? Let's share...

Hey there.

Wow it's like 1.47am here right now. For some reason, I get my best creative kicks in the wee hours in the morning (or after midnight)... lol whichever, I know it's not good for my health. haha.

I've been working on my anime movie. One of the reasons it's so difficult to fully complete this screenplay is that I constantly have new (but related ideas) thrown at me. With every idea I also get a musical tune that pops up in my head, so it's really hard to throw that idea aside for another project.

Anyway, I think I've integrated it ok now.

It'll be a while before I get to the animation stage though - although I have stacks and stacks of drawings already made for test cel-runs.

Thank you for asking. What about you? Are you working on a project? If so, do you need any voice actors? :D I love VA.

Hey there kyuubi_hime,

I agree, sometimes very late/early can be one of the best times to be creative. Not many distractions. Good luck on your anime movie. do you have a website up w/ details on it? It is a great thing that you have ideas coming at you constantly.

I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but I'm finishing my thesis, planning a huge move, and doing research for a video game idea I want to develop.

what am i dong

I was workng on an animation to go with part of a song that I like. I got tired of using Packageman for everything so for the last few days I have been making a very simple character to use. I was in the process of making a proxy model for him when I noticed that it's time to go back to school. So right now I am making sure everything is packed and ready so I can leave tomorow. Once I get back to school I will take a break from working on the new character and go back to animating that song.

"Animation isn't about how well you draw, but how much to believe." -Glen Keane


Working on a
promotional film for a teen forum right now that I moderate on. They all like the idea of having an animated welcome film for newcomers. All hand drawn of course ;)

Long hours working at my first gig in San Diego on some cinematics for a large scale project! HOO YAH!

Happy New Year!

Hey there kyuubi_hime,

I agree, sometimes very late/early can be one of the best times to be creative. Not many distractions. Good luck on your anime movie. do you have a website up w/ details on it? It is a great thing that you have ideas coming at you constantly.

I managed to get some help from this guy at the Flash forum - animating lines. But in all, along the way, in flash there has been some problems in achieving that effect.

I don't have this stuff on my website just yet.. lol. It'll be one once all the coloured stuff are done. However, here's a voice sync sample I did. For fun, it's a trial run.


I 've just finished in middle december to work on a production, so, since that, i'm updating my show reel ... on full time( day/night:p ).

I finished a short piece of 2D animation(Asterix).
And now, to keep up, i'm going to start somes 3D scenes for my demo reel too. First, some acting scene with line of dialogue from Joan of Arc, and after, a long "sword action scene" with 2 samurais.

That's for now! :D

It's all in the signature =)

Finally finishing...


At the moment, here what's on my plate.

I am finally finishing my film OUR WORLD. The school I work with in Koln wants in on the project...which is motivation for me.

TY B. BEAR AND THE FOAM PEOPLE is at the publishers - so thats in progress.

I am finishing my Ty B. Bear coloring book.

I plan to revamp my web site LARRY'S TOON INSTITUTE - VERY soon.

...oh...and I teach 4 classes at SCAD... begining Monday.



Finishing book 2 and soon to start on book 3 of Ashes that i've been working on.

Get back to my nightmare animation that has been sitting at the end of pre prod.

Wrap up the writing on my Miss A-bomb Idea for a flash online anim.

Start to drop in content of the web skeleton that i made last year to have my own web portfolio up.

Man i'm tired all ready and it's just day 2 of 05

Working with Flash. All I can afford (not that it's cheap). I'm currently working on an interactive honkey for Get Milked. Uses very basic Actionscript.

new years goals

Finishing the last couple days for the studio I've been working at, unfortunately they have nothing new at the moment. Finding my next animation job. looking in Scotland, Ireland waiting for tests from a feature in France that will not be here till spring. Need to finish a pitch for a 2 minute 2d film that I'm working on (should be done this month) and then have the thing come off successfully!

I'd like to get a web site set up when I have time...
Find a job to pay the bills in the meantime. Get a pile of watercolors done, since the bg's for the short will be watercolor.
Anyone know what else is coming in the new year for 2d in Europe?
Looking forward to Annecy film festival, hoping this short from S.W.A.M.P. makes it in the program.

Besides that trying not to become too jaded and basicly enjoy life.

Hope everyone accomplishes their new years goals, I know they are all achievable if you don't mind working all night!

Hey Ewomak,

Here's a little piece of advice that'll probably get me into alot of trouble...actually...I'll lie about what I'm about to say next just to cover my ass..Not that I'm lying of course...ahem...

Pretty much any software, including Flash, Maya, Softimage XSI, 3DS Max, Illustrator, you name it, can be downloaded for free from different peer sharing sites. This is what I've "heard" apparently, I would NEVER think of doing something like that myself...but I digress..

A REALLY good site, that many people know about, is "Bit Torrent"...
Bit Torrent, is a very simple and light software that you can easily download from , that allows you to download things from sites like "". It works a little differently then things like Kazaa and Morpheus peer2peer softwares...for one thing, no spyware and adware that's so common, and causes alot of problems..
Another difference is that the more people who use it, the faster your download speed. It's a shareware kind of thing, but I won't get too deep into that. The third benefit is that as far as the latest softwares are concerned, you're most likely going to find it at
A friend of mine came over to my house, and holding me at gunpoint, forced me to have to let him download Maya 6, Flash MX 2004 pro, Photoshop CS and countless others. Needless to say, it was a traumatizing experience, but I had no choice at that point but to learn the softwares right?

My point is, Flash MX is VERY easy to learn for someone who already understands the principals behind animation. Sure, there are a few little things that you have to play around with, but if you really push yourself to learn, you can pick it up in a matter of days. I applied to a company that was looking for Flash Animators, without knowing a thing about Flash. Between the time I was called in for the interview, and the time that I attended the interview 2 days later, I knew how to use Flash....within a month, I was a pro.
It's worth learning for many reasons, and it's a great software.

On the other hand, more high-end softwares like US Animation or Toon Boom, are not likely to be found for free, and are more specifically geared towards classical animators...but anything else, go for'll easily find it, and they're always easy to crack...if you don't know how, ask someone on this site, I'm sure many people could guide you through it.

It's worth the trouble.


I'm working on a short flash :) animation called 'Bugged', in my spare time. But some days (even weeks) it's hard to find the spare time. But I'm getting there.

I'm working on a stop-motion short:

The storyboard is mostly finished and available at the website.

Shareware anyone?

Well, long-suffering boyfriend and I move to the Land of the Rising Cholesterol (aka France) Dec 1st and now we are residing in the charming little ville of Grenoble (fairly close to Annecy).

I have been working on Flash game making for the past year and a half and now have a game I'd like to finish up by the end of this month and start selling as shareware. That, along with learning French, has taken up most of my time recently.

Bonne Annee tout la monde! (or something like that)


Right now, I'm on vacation. Woooo hooo! :)

the Ape

...we must all face a choice, between what is right... and what is easy."

wish me luck

just starting to animate on "Midsummer night's dream", here's the website!

"check it out, you know it makes sense!"

I closed my eyes, held my breath, and dove ass-first into the deep ocean of Maya Animation. One hell of an intimidating challenge from the starting line, but now that I'm nearing the finish line, it's become a nice warm body of water indeed.

I love it...sure, it takes a long time, with countless hours, just to get to the point where you can produce something from start to finish, but damn it's worth it in the end. I picked up some great books and CD tutorials that really train you well, and leave no stone unturned...and after a brutal 4 months, I have ceased to be one of those Classical Animators who feel the need to say "Aw, that 3D stuff isn't my bag...I'm a Classical Animator...3D isn't free and creative like Classical Animation"..

I can say with confidence now, that 3D is darn creative as the human mind, as long as you have the right mind behind the wheel.

So cheers to Maya!