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Everybody seems really quiet these days.

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Everybody seems really quiet these days.

No idle chitchat, hardly any new posts. And a lot of the old regulars seem to be missing.

Or has Harvey just chased everyone off.

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Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.



Harvey reminded me....

I found this new book called ANIMATION NOW- bought it at Books-a-Million.

It's an updated animation anthology with works re: 2D, 3D, stopmotion, independent, studio, etc.

It comes with a DVD which has about three hours worth of independent shorts, and previews...etc.

It is a wonderful presentation.... I bought for 39.00 you might want to check Amazon.con.

Good book!


I'm getting fat and watching both Looney tunes dvds vols. 1 & 2. Have barely scratched B&W Mickey vol2.

Larry - is that the book with Shrek on the cover? If so, Amazon is selling it for $26.39, if anyone is interested.

Does anyone else have a book or two or three to recommend that they swear by? Might be fun to compare notes on our reference and just entertaining animation books.

Hi Larry,

Been doing a lot of freelance static web and print graphics lately. So I spend a lot of time on line. When I am going through a concept/thinking phase I like to stop by the boards and see what's going on. Sometimes get ideas for a new direction from what folks have to say.

Thought with the holiday school vacations there would be more posting.


Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

Yup. Everyone is just busy I guess with loved ones on this holiday season... Me, well I screw around with this forum while I should be working, and since I am not working for the holidays... I am sure those dots can be connected on their own.

Graphiteman... That mickey mouse DVD set.. I got it too for Xmas... Let me tell you, it is a bit tough to sit through. Every short is almost exactly the same with the same music track. I put it on for my year-and-a-half old niece, and she was riveted. But I digress... I fell asleep. Will try to get through more of it before the holidays are through.

Cheers and Merry Krimble!

"Don't want to end up a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard" - Paul Simon

Hey there Wade K

How's it going? Just lurking around the forums and saw your name there.
Not sure your remember me but you sent me some budgeting info a while back. It was really helpful.

I put up a post in the 'business' forum about outsourcing. check it out if you get a chance. Basically I want to outsource some inbetweening and maybe final cleanups/coloring in flash. Do you know of a good resource?
We're doing 5 shorts for a second DVD due in June. I did all the animation for the first one and almost went insane towards the end. :o)



Argh, I want Vol. 2 of looney toons, I couldn't get it because I only had 20 bucks post christmas, but I love the first one so much I don't think I'll be able to live without the second, I was also thinking about getting the B&W mickey collection, but I suspected the same as you in thinking it would be rather tedious to sit through. Got the Aladdin DVD though, just finished all the special features, it really puts some things in perspective about the whole animation scene, it was fun to watch. I also want fantasia and fantasia 2000 on dvd, I used to be so addicted to those movies. :D

a good book

Everyone should read the DaVinci Code! :D

"Animation isn't about how well you draw, but how much to believe." -Glen Keane

I wasn't being serious phacker. My usual lean is toward the sarcastic, if it helps you for future reference. I can't wait till Internet3 comes out...Finally, some intonation to eliminate the confusion!

............Graphiteman... That mickey mouse DVD set.. I got it too for Xmas... Let me tell you, it is a bit tough to sit through. Every short is almost exactly the same with the same music track. I put it on for my year-and-a-half old niece, and she was riveted. But I digress... I fell asleep. Will try to get through more of it before the holidays are through.

Cheers and Merry Krimble!

That stuff fascinates me...but yeh, succesive Disney shorts are hard to sit through. I find early Disney easier to sit through than their move into technicolor era, though. The B&W Mickeys are some of the funniest stuff they did...which I realise is sort of backhanded.(My favorite Mickey ever is Plane Crazy!)
I had some neat viewing experiences. I watched Harmon- Ising's film pitch with Bosko on the Warners disc then I watch the first few cartoons on the Mickey DVD and there was the exact same ethnic gag bieng done by mickey as bosko did (pulling the brim of his hat down to squish their nose and doing what I think is a little "Jewish dance".) Or discovered the Robert Benchley bust that was used in reluctant Dragon in the background of Chuck Jones' office on the other DVD.
The Warner DVDs are wonderful but I don't understand the themes of compilations...some very seminal cartoons are still missing. I just find the video compilations of old, the jubilee anniversary comps, Columbia house tapes, Turner's MGM/UA comps were just more definative in their selections. And some of the cartoons...well I don't know what they did....some say they did too good of a job but I Beg to differ....SOme prints are really dirty; the dust on the platen looking like snow. I have some of these on commercial vidoe and they look clean and fine. So I'm not throwing out my tapes yet.
But most are good and the features make this a good investment.

I completely agree about the Disney stuff being boring. I also remember being fascinated by it as a toddler, but for an adult there's much better stuff available.

Some of the early Donald Duck cartoons are fun simply because Donald Duck was a much more interesting character than the bland Mickey and Goofy. Some of the Disney features are also interesting, but once again the characters are often very bland and one-dimensional. All the princesses are the same. All the villians are the same. All the comic relief is the same. A few features stand out though. Dumbo is somewhat fascinating in that it contains no central villian.

One good thing that can be said about Disney is that visually he really raised the bar for other animation studios that had to compete with him.

I have missed you Adam, and Cyber you as well wondered what had happenned to you both.

Adam glad to know there's another smoker on board. Sometimes I feel like I have leprosy here California, just because I smoke. And I've really cut back on it.

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

Now man, I disagree with that. I know what you're talking about. Personally, this is my health advice to anyone considering quitting smoking, or starting up.

Smoking is cool. It makes you look all sophisticated know? Like a modern day James Dean. Chicks love smokers...
And much aside from popular belief...non-smokers smell funny. Like mint or something...I find it effeminate and offensive.

Actually, all kidding aside, to each their own...I really don't give a shaygit. But the next person who's lecturing me on quitting is getting mail bombed. "Do you know that cigarettes are bad for you?"., I'm not only illiterate and deaf, but blind as well. I never did figure out what that photograph of the two depressed looking kids, and the big surgeon general warning saying "Cigarettes can kill" meant...on every fricking pack of cigarettes that I smoke with utmost extacy.


Well when I sitting here in front of the computer there's usually a little cloud over my head of smoke.

But when I am active and outside I can go hours without the weed. But hey I was the last one in my family to start smoking...and know what I really enjoy it.

Know it's a bad habit but sh*t I have a bucket load of them and this one is probably one of the most minimal ones.

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

Hi all. I really haven't been back here in a while as I've been kind of busy. I've recently finished a website for a friend (thanks again, Ender, for the advice on the media files - it worked!), started a new one for my brother's fiance and met someone so that's kept me pretty busy, along with the usual holiday hubub. I'm planning on starting my own gallery website soon and plan on visiting the Art Gallery to do some sketching with the new boyfriend who also likes to draw/paint in his spare time.

Is Christmas over yet?

Hi phacker,
...I forget why I stopped coming to these forums. It might be because I don't really draw anymore, and also because I'm moving away from the Animation Industry and the back-stabbing, brown-nosing community that is the entertainment business. I just need to find myself again and get back to nature, peace and quiet, etc. etc. Stuff like that. Blah blah. Maybe then I'll pick up a pencil again. Heh.

Yuck. Get over yourself and get back to work.

Animation is not about making friends or schmoozing at parties. It's about creating something beautiful, and nothing can prevent you from accomplishing that.
I have little pity for someone who abandons the wonderful artform of animation because of personal politics.

Hey CyberCyst don't take Harvey to heart, but I would also like to know what soured you so. Last I heard you working in a library and archiving stuff. What happenned to make you so bitter?

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

tough love

Please, take me to heart.

Phacker - to refresh your memory - Cyber has always been somewhat angry that companies won't hire her.

So we have 3 parties: Cyber, animation, and employers. Who's at fault? Is animation at fault? No, of course not. So why would you abandon animation? I have also been in the position where my skills were so underdeveloped that people wouldn't hire me. So what did I do? Did I abandon my dreams? No, I sacrificed a lot of partying and television-watching and dedicated myself to upgrading my skills.

Quit moping and blaming others, and get back to work!

Harvey, do you ever just ignore a post that annoys you?

I hear where Cybercyst is coming from. It's not necessarily blaming anyone if that is her experience. Sometimes disillusionment takes a few years, sometimes 20. Animation has never been tougher yet so many productions produced elsewhere and personnel heightening the frustration to break-in. And breaking in is an ongoing process.

But people in all carreers and pursuits just find themsleves at a crossroad sometimes. Now is Cyber's
I know people who feel exactly as she does and they're in the business.
I wish her all the best and hope she gets to use her talents. I hope she can still turn out stuff independantly.

Harvey, do you ever just ignore a post that annoys you?

Not when said post posits the abandonment of animation. When someone says they're going to dump drawing and animation because others rejected their contribution, I get livid.

Cyber, your success is not in the hands of those who might or might not employ you. It is in YOUR hands.

hi all,

it's been a fair while since i have posted also.

at the moment we are working really hard on finishing up animation on "madagascar". the film is looking great, and i've been given some ace shots to work on, so it's all good.

i think there's a new trailer coming out soon. hope you like it.

am glad everyone on here is doing well,

You know what? I have to laugh...

I think alot of you guys and gals on this forum missed your calling. You should be working for the Quebec government....all they do is bicker all the time. hehe.

I can't say it's not a little entertaining mind you, but damn!

Well in all seriousness, I know many people that have really become discouraged over the last year to two years with the animation industry. It's been a barren land of CV's unanswered, employers not returning phone calls, begging for work, but still not getting anywhere, redoing portfolios that rarely get seen, yadda yadda. Although many people like to give off the impression that they're in great demand, the reality is that everyone's suffering and banging their heads against the walls. Sure, being an animator is a liberating and wonderful life to have, if you're doing well, working and making a living off of it...but at times like these when your pursuit for animation work is putting you on the street, it's easy to lose sight of it. It just becomes a futile chase after nothing.

But the masters out there know something that us kids don't. And that's that this "dry spell" has happened several times in the past...where the world goes into a depression and everyone struggles to find work. Employers don't return phone calls because the moment they put out a want ad, within 48 hours, they have hundreds of desperate animators banging down their doors.

It's tough times, but sometimes it's a little reassuring to know that the whole world is suffering...not just animators.

On a positive note mind you, it would seem that this dry spell is passing, and 2005 looks like it might be the year of rekindled economy, and an opportunity to pull many of the unemployed out of the gutter, so keep your chins up. If your pursuit for animation is frightening because you can't pay the bills, then just take a job waiting or cleaning dishes to get you bye, then grab the first animation job you can get. It's not so bad.


a few new additions

A few of us have had kids also!
Boy now theres a animation buzzkill!
hahaha! JK Of course kids are wonderful and a blessing but compound that with the holidays and the slowdown in some industries I think a lot of folks are just trying to sort thru and make ends meet.Good to see everyone staying busy though..

Hey Cyber if you are out there I miss your posts, I don't care what your doing now, I've been to the bottom of the barrel, and dumped my past, but I think you have something to offer here so hope to see you around.


Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

Three cheers Adam. That was a very reasonable, and so far as I can tell accurate, assesment of things. I have hope, and it's always a good idea to save as much as you tithe anyway to help out during lulls.

Tithe...why the hell didn't I think of that.

Seing is how I'm not a member of any religious organization or sect, I'll make it a " tithe for the organization of those who won't bother to make an issue about your religious background or beliefs". They can throw a little pocket change into my dollar store basket, just for letting them walk bye without the hassle. No problem, don't care what you believe in, have a nice day.

I know, I know, never gonna work...and chances are, I'll be the one harassed by old ladies, bothering me with why religion isn't important enough to me...Forget this post, I just talked myself into a corner. Man I'm stupid.


I only meant in the loosest sense, like charitable donations. I just made 1000 extra tuition bucks working for UPS this season, so when the folks over in Indonesia, it was no big thing for me to fork over some of the earnings. Not a tenth, mind you -- I have to be able to afford the school to get the job that allows me to -keep- doing things like that -- but so far as I know it didn't have anything to do with religion. There are issues, because you never know how much money gets through for actual help, etc. but I made the attempt.

For what it's worth, I'm non-denominational and not a churchgoer. I've got such a variety of meshed-together beliefs it's absurd. Doesn't mean I can't live a good pious life; they aren't mutually exclusive. I just am doing my own thing and as long as we're talking about things people can have cows over, I think it's just one of those areas where nobody should give a hoot about what anyone else believes, so long as it's working for them and harming no one else.

Hi phacker,
...I forget why I stopped coming to these forums. It might be because I don't really draw anymore, and also because I'm moving away from the Animation Industry and the back-stabbing, brown-nosing community that is the entertainment business. I just need to find myself again and get back to nature, peace and quiet, etc. etc. Stuff like that. Blah blah. Maybe then I'll pick up a pencil again. Heh.

...Oh, and I REALLY wish they would get rid of that top banner with the girl licking the popsicle. It's kind of offensive...either that or I have my mind in the gutter....LOL.

I agree

I agree with Adam. Giving up your animation dreams won't get you anywhere in the industry. I'm just a student but I'm sure the times are very tough when it comes to getting a job, but if you give up you'll never get it. I don't know about the new year bringing more job oppertunities, but I do think you should continue to try to improve your skills. Sooner or later you'll get hired. :)

"Animation isn't about how well you draw, but how much to believe." -Glen Keane

I don't think so. Harvey's actually one of the reasons I come here. I am busy bustin' arse on the last few submissions to RSAD and UCF. Believe me, you'll see me more once the sweat's off my brow.

I was just joking Scattered.

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

Even though this subject was seemingly geared towards the general inhabitants of the AWN forum, I know it was ME specifically that you missed Phacker. It's ok, I won't embarass you by making you admit it publicly...I'll just know it in my heart.

But yah...I had to pry my fingers away from spending too much time on the forum while I was deep in my studies...I had a limited budget to keep my bills paid while I wasn't working, so I had to keep myself focused.

BUT, I haven't forgotten the world of awn fee-ornums, and this fine crappy cold afternoon, I'm here, smoking cigarettes by the carton and typing my future away.


Hello Phacker!

Hello Phacker,

How are you?

Why do you have so much time?

I find this to be a pleasant holiday. After returning from Europe it is just nice to sit around and stare at the home walls. Of course, my wife is ALWAYS a major diversion.

Of course from another perspective in the U.S. I think we were all mesmerized from the Christmas eve mess hall explosion and now the Tsunami event in Asia. Folks tend to get hooked onto the news lure.

Hopefully, 2005 will be a better year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


I'm sorry to hear that you're so lonely during the holiday season, Phacker. Most people are away during this time of year spending time with their friends and family. Well, there are plenty of healthy and happy solutions to loneliness, like drawing and animating 10 hours a day. :D There are also a lot of good, thick animation books available. I'm reading Barrier's 600 page Hollywood Cartoons for the first time. It's delightful, time-consuming, and only 14 dollars (from Amazon).

I'm busy trying to find a place to live, making plans for the biggest move of my life, trying to work on my thesis and being home for the holidays. whew! Crazy!

'Tis the Season!

True, phacker, it is rather quiet around here...

But me thinks alot of people are busy or on holiday.

Things will pick up in the new year, I'd bet.

Larry is right, I hope ought-five will bring us better news!

(Prayers to the folks impacted by the tragedy. :( )

Splatman :D