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Re: Redhouse animation in Sask.

Hello all.

I was interested to learn that there is now a new animation school being run in Saskatoon, SK. Having been taught by James Clow and Gord Groat, I can vouch for their credibility as teachers who know their stuff. If their curriculum is similar to the last one it should be quite a ride! Basics in year one. Challenging assignments with realistic deadlines in year two. 3-4 minute Student Film in year three. But I'm speculating as to whether its the same now.

Redhouse = the reel deel.
Enrol now! Or I'll come and eat you. :eek:

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"It doesn't matter what color you are, as long as we're all the same religion." Peter Griffin

"It doesn't matter what color you are, as long as we're all the same religion." Peter Griffin

I Couldn't agree more.

It's a school with heart, experience and real talent backing it's curriculum. As a past student of James and Gord's, I'd recommend Redhouse to anyone interested in animation.

I third the statements made by the two previous posters.

Not only do the instuctors know how to teach animation, they also have super powers that stop trains and bend half the universe to their whims. But, when they all form together into one cyborg named "Morganmochaballz", nothing can stop them. Even God looks at their awesome powers and says "Sorry to interupt, carry on."

Redhouse is definitely a school to check out. :D

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I couldn't agree more with what has been said in this thread.
I am a recent graduate with nothing but great things to say about both Gord Groat and James Clow. Yes this post is very much a plug for the Redhouse animation school, but I think that says alot about their dedication and Teaching when a former student wants to help promote his/her animation training.

And most importantly, the training I recieved help myself and my entire class land jobs in the industry we all dreamed to be apart of, animation.

Count me in as well, there is not enough good things that can be said about James and Gord, and about Redhouse in general, I too am a former graduate, now working in the industry after only graduating about 6 months ago. Not only are the instructors great at what they do and how they teach, but i can also count them as two close friends, as I'm sure others can say as well. You couldnt have two better guys on your side, much less having there own school, curriculum and there own rules and standards.