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Animation Academy - VC required

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Animation Academy - VC required

Hey All,

One of my friends is looking to start an animation firm in India, Hyderabad with an investment of 250k$. He is looking for some funders.
Let me know if any one is interested.

He has 10 years of exp in animation academy.

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can i know more details?

Hi Satya,
how is life?what kind of help u want?if u have 250k$ then half of the things r done. but only thing u should have proper manpower for it. the biggest problem in india is the man power and to manage the man power.if u people can give me some details about ur plans and requirements then may be i can give you some valuable contribution.
Myself is having verymuch experience in this field for quite some time.And i have man power and proper business plan for it.If really interested then u can reply me on or on

bye n take in touch if u r really serious about it.