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New to 3D plz help

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New to 3D plz help

I am learnning animation from Toonz Webel Academy at Kolkata. We r the first batch here.
Now after completing my 2d course we r heading for 3d. but i am just a little bit confused abt the learnning curve since i am totally new to 3D (not computing). so plz plz suggest a good l;earnning procedure for me. I mean the softwares they gonna teach us are Max, Maya, After Effect, Combustion and Photoshop(i am already quiet good at this one bcoz of my graphic design background). Now my q is how sud i start? what sud i follow. coz we have only 3 months for learnning all these softs (except PS). Is it enuf???? since i can't change it anyway. how can i learn all these softs upto the mark that industry demands from a newbie????
plz answer coz i am totally confused and need help dangerously[/B] :(

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Plz visit and citic my work at and post ur comments at

Plz visit and citic my work at

and post ur comments at
hehe that dude looks like he has done something really really bad, ( we saw it , GuiltyGuiltyGuilty ! )

one thing more i think i sud mention my background here.

i was completely a system guy before heading towards designing and then i got my dream chance to learn animation. I am pretty good at most of the technical parts of computing and one last thing is i am (i think so atleast) pretty good at Photoshop. Coz i learnt it from a studio and worked in several ad agencies and studios. hope it will help. :D

Plz visit and citic my work at

and post ur comments at

one of the best ways to go about something for the industry is a BAG full of practice , keep applying what ever you had learnt for that day , that day its-self so that you would never forget it. but be able to churn out examples of your own, there by keeping a steady flow. dude, your course seems a bit too fast, but take it easy ... :)

I had a very different notion about the webel academy , didnt know the course in in 5th gear. hehe . anyways all the best . do post yr works here for some feedback and help

To be honest I can't see how you can sufficiently learn one of those programs in three months not to mention all four of them that you mentioned. The terminology that should be used is “introduced” to them.

Our students have Maya for three years and I would think most of them think that that amount of time isn’t enough.

I’ve just been to the website and I’m always suspicious of an art school that doesn’t have any student work posted. I’m doubly suspicious when it looks like one of the faculty member’s picture looks like a mugshot


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