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Looking for 3D classes

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Looking for 3D classes

I¡¯m a Maya teacher living in San Diego looking to reinvest in my skills. It is my plan to enroll into a Maya class to further my abilities. I¡¯m looking at Gnomon as a possibility, but I¡¯m interested if any one has any other recommendations. I don¡¯t have the time/interest in enrolling in a 4 year program- mostly I¡¯m looking for a school that offers quick start and/or refresher courses. What is important to me is location (California and the West Coast), class program (Maya certified or master classes), and schedule (night classes and/or short 1 or 2 week classes). Please feel free to make any school recommendation that fits one or all of these interests.

Thank you for your time

Maya classes


I know a school with different Maya classes - the only problem is that it is in Denmark ... But tjeck it out :

Good Luck!